3net Studios reveals initial lineup of 3D programming

Less than a month ago, Sony, Discovery, and IMAX announced that they were joining forces to create 3net Studios in order to produce native 3D content for their own 3D television network, called 3net. Now, the newly-minted studio has unveiled its first slate of live-action and animated series and specials, including the motion comics series Marksmen and the first native 4K project for television, entitled Space.


Following is the full listing of new programs and their descriptions straight from the network.

From the Big Bang to the present and forward into the future, Space gives a vision of the birth, evolution and end of the phenomena that make up the universe as never seen before. Billed as the world’s first native 4K project for television, the series employs lyrical and deeply stereoscopic 3D and Ultra HD shots to immerse the viewer within space itself as concepts are presented with relatable visual storytelling. What’s the view like from inside a nebula, or a comet’s tail? What does traveling at the speed of light really look like, and just how hot is the planet Mercury? Each hour long episode of this three-part series won’t just answer these questions, it will also offer viewers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the answers through the use of breakthrough 3D and 4K production techniques. A 3net Studios original production in association with Percolate Digital.

This innovative 3D stop-motion graphic novel series takes viewers into a post-apocalyptic wasteland – following the government collapse, a civil war erupts between two cities as they fight for control of the world’s scarce remaining resources. Rebuilt by a group of top scientists and protected by the Navy Seals stationed at the Coronado Navel Base, “New San Diego” is a technological utopia that lives in peace and must defend itself against the oil-hungry and war driven, “Lone Star.” This half-hour, four-part series follows Drake McCoy and his band of high-tech soldiers, the “Marksmen,” on their heroic quest to protect “New San Diego” from total annihilation. A 3net Studios original production in association with Jump! 3D.

Frozen In Time: Our History In 3D
This three-part, hour-long original 3D series takes an immersive look at history’s most monumental milestones – from World War II to the Industrial Revolution and the migration to the American West. The series makes unique use of historic and captivating original 3D photographs – fully restored and presented in their true native form for the first time ever. A 3net Studios original production in association with Tom Jennings Productions/1895 Films.

Wingsuit Warrior: Jeb Corliss Vs. The World
Renowned BASE jumper and wingsuit pioneer Jeb Corliss tragically crashed while wingsuit flying in Capetown, South Africa. The debilitating crash in early 2012 caused Jeb to break his leg, both ankles and opened a deep, gaping hole in his shin. This hour-long original 3D special follows Jeb and wingsuit expert Joby Ogwyn as they take viewers through the arduous process of rehab, re-learning the skills of wingsuit flying and tackling some of the biggest mountains in Europe. Viewers will hear and see their incredible journey as they prepare to face their demons and find redemption on the deadly slope of Table Mountain in Cape Town, where Jeb came close to losing his life. A 3net Studios original production in association with New Wave Entertainment.

Spanning both popular and exotic geographic locations, Daydream delivers stunning visual 3D imagery, offering viewers an immersive look at the earth and mankind’s most spectacular creations. Each episode takes viewers on a 3D “travel adventure” to a unique and iconic destination, offering a visual escape as the day passes in each location. Produced by Z3D Films – a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3net Studios.

Although I don't have a 3D TV, I have been considering investing in one after picking up the Prometheus 3D Blu-ray. These shows sound like they would be mighty impressive, too. Do any of you out there have a 3D TV and/or 3net? How are they?

- 3net

Written by: Chrononaut
Nov 14th, 2012, 1:44 pm


Message Posted On Jan 2nd, 2013, 3:31 pm
I just purchased a 3D TV, and the 3D on 3NET is very good. I'm sure that, as more 3D content becomes available, there will be way more content to chose from...I was really impressed with the 3D
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