Is It Too Soon for a "Mike & Molly" Wedding?

Mike & MollyTV critics are publicly expressing concern that CBS is rushing to hook up Mike and Molly on CBS’ hit comedy “Mike & Molly.” Some feel that the couple rushed to the alter, leaving little for the show to explore, ultimately leading to its demise. However, producers and stars of the show couldn’t disagree more.

Executive producer Mark Roberts told reporters at the TCA winter preview, "I'm married and it comes with plenty of problems." He added that some attention will divert to other cast members including Reno Wilson, Nyambi Nyambi and Rondi Reed “We're going to follow their lives too...Mike and Molly, in some story lines, can become supporting players."

The stars think that the quickie engagement is good for the show because most shows drag out relationships too long. "It has a different tone than any other show because of that...These are about human moments," Billy Gardell (who plays Mike) said. "This is a story, beyond anything else, about two people falling in love...If you can't root for that, you're a little dead inside."

Melissa McCarthy, or Molly on the show, is excited for the wedding. She told Access Hollywood that it will take some planning and that she hopes it’s like a real “Chicago wedding.” In a way she hopes that it’s like the weddings she goes to for relatives, “I hope it’s like VFW-ish,” she said. “I hope it’s like, in a hall.” She also thinks the wedding dress needs to be realistic, not a designer TV gown. “I don’t think it should be designer, we try to always keep Molly at a price point that’s real.”

Just when can we expect a wedding? There’s no exact date, but we can assume it’d be near the end of the season, perhaps the perfect non-cliff hanging ending?

- Melissa McCarthy
- Billy Gardell
- Mike & Molly

Written by: mawarner
Jan 11th, 2012, 8:50 pm

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