'American Horror Story' renewed for season three

American Horror Story

In a very unsurprising announcement, FX has opted to renew its hit horror/anthology(?) series American Horror Story for a third year. This of course begs the following question: Are they really gonna try to say that season 2 was another "mini-series" when Emmy voting comes around again?

While I can't comment on the quality of "Asylum" (the whole season so far is sitting on my DVR waiting for me to finally get time to do a marathon viewing), I did quite like season one, so count me in among the folks pleased by FX's decision to renew. AHS is certainly a divisive series, with most episodes firmly embracing the old "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" method of storytelling. A lot of people find themselves turned off by the show's unorthodox mix of sex, blood, and monsters, but I'm drawn to it for that exact reason. Where else on TV can you find a show that mixes those three elements together so sweetly, and adds a dash of "what the hell" for good measure? I guess True Blood might qualify, but at this point I am beyond sick of vampires, especially "sexy" ones.

Anyway, I digress. FX President John Landgraf offered the following comments about the third season pick-up: "With American Horror Story: Asylum, Ryan and Brad have raised the bar in every way from Murder House, the first American Horror Story miniseries. And their original idea—the notion of doing an anthological series of miniseries with a repertory cast—has proven groundbreaking, wildly successful and will prove to be trendsetting. We can’t wait to see what deviously brilliant ideas they come up with for their third miniseries."

Third mini-series? Sigh. I still think the whole thing about AHS being considered a "mini-series" is, to put it bluntly, a bunch of crap. The show has the same title every year, and so far has cast many of the same actors. It's not a different show, whether you change the setting and subtitle or not. This reeks of FX being too scared to face Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Homeland in the best drama category. Despite liking the show, I hope AHS loses the Emmy again next year, and continues to lose until producers get the stones to put it in the category it belongs in. Oh, and by the way Mr. Landgraf, nobody is buying your line about it being planed as a mini-series from the start.

Are you happy American Horror Story is coming back for round three? Do you think FX is right to consider it a mini-series?

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Written by: msd85
Nov 15th, 2012, 1:13 pm

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