Daniel Lissing hypes 'Last Resort'

Life during wartime can be tenuous enough. Being a part of one of the greatest mutinies in military history like the crew of the Colorado on ABC's "Last Resort" is a whole new ballgame. Actor Daniel Lissing spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his character James King and what's in store for the crew.

Daniel Lissing

The Aussie actor feels his character is inherently damaged, constantly complicating his own good fortune, which Lissing chalks up to the tenuous situation the crew finds themselves in. "When he's got a good thing going, he'll find a way to scuff it up. He's so conflicted at the moment with his allegiances, where his love life lies and where his loyalties lie," he explained. "But I think he's just jumping forward unsure of where he's going at this point in time. I will say, he will make a decision in the next few episodes on what kind of guy he's going to be."

Lissing hints that the decision could force King to draw a line in the sand and choose sides. "He's dealing with so many things at the moment with his past -- with his mission in Pakistan and everything that ensued after as a result -- but he's conflicted with, does he jump on board with the crew of the Colorado or does he go back to the States. That all comes to a head pretty soon," Lissing said.

Don't expect the decision to be an easy one for the beleaguered Navy S.E.A.L. "He doesn't know who to trust, he's still trying to get as much information as he can and weighing out the options. We'll find out what happened in Pakistan with James and Hopper. We won't find out why just yet but we will get there. Of course, he's keeping his eye on Marcus and the way he's running things as well. James is unsure about this guy; did he make the right decision with the actions he's taken?" the actor continued. "On the other side of the spectrum, he's got a lot of decisions to make romantically as well. He's in there with Tani, who's like the escapism for him and I think he trusts her and I think she represents to him an alternative life, an escape from having to deal with the stuff that's going on with Hopper, the SEALs and Pakistan. "Scuff all this, I'm going with Tani into the jungle and getting naked." Then he's got Grace Shepard and she represents the uniform, the flag, the American, the stuff that he holds dear -- and that he's turned his back on, recently -- so he's got decisions to make."

Check out a new episode of ABC's "Last Resort" tonight to find out more about the Colorado crew.

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Nov 15th, 2012, 3:27 pm

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