Review: Parks and Recreation 5.07 "Leslie vs April"

Parks and Recreation, Season Five, Episode 7 "Leslie vs April"


Biden in the house! As Leslie and Ben tour Washington D.C. (and see their future white home), they run into Vice President Joe Biden. Leslie is putty in the VPs hands – I am not sure Ben thought this all the way through. Leslie turns down the secretary of state position and has to be forcibly removed from the vice president. I think Ben got lucky after arranging that encounter.

Ben returns to Pawnee, rejoining the accounting department. Tom shows up and charms as always, offending Ben and then asking for his help with the clothing rental business. April breaks down the differences between Washington D.C. and Pawnee to Leslie, which sends our blonde heroine through the roof. She loves seeing a motivated April – until April suggests the same lot that our series started with as a location for the dog park.

Ben and Tom work the town, trying to get the clothing project moving and we learn that Ben is in demand, as he is offered job after job on their tour o’ Pawnee.

Andy finds a crime has been committed and he needs to investigate. Where did his computer go? Who had the sand to steal his government computer? Would Bert Macklin show up to save the day? “If you’re a criminal, you have to tell me, LEGALLY.” Jerry tells Andy that he did not take the computer and we learn that Andy can never tell when people are lying to him. Andy’s interrogation of Chris is fantastic and we learn that city hall has been robbed. Dun dun dun! We also learned that when Andy gets frustrated he takes off his shirt. Chris races to Andy’s rescue and offers him a job as a weekend security guard, which Andy accepts.

April and Leslie tell Ann the plan and…well, it does not go that well. Ann wants no part of a dog park near her house. Leslie goes to Ron for help with the situation with April, using a fake name to throw him off the scent of whom they are really talking about. Ron tells Leslie about how he distracted her when she was a young buck in the parks department. Is there a difference between distraction waffles and friendship waffles in your world?

Leslie and April go head to head over the issue and April gets Jamm’ed. April calls Leslie a snake, saying she mislead her for two days and that she eats mice. Ann and Ron lock the door and refuse to let them out until they sort out their differences. The two ladies reaffirm their love and their mutual hatred of Jamm. “Yes, we’ll have triple sex with him.”

Eh. I thought this was an overall weak effort. I know, I know – I am crazy and way off. But I’ll give this episode a C+. B- (Biden bounce). Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, just a little too “by the numbers” for my taste. 


- Parks and Recreation
- Joseph R. Biden

Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 15th, 2012, 8:00 pm

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