Constance Zimmer joining 'Grey's Anatomy'


I had no idea Grey's Anatomy was still on TV. For some reason, I thought it was cancelled a year or two ago. I even wrote a story a while back about Neve Campbell joining the cast, but completely blacked it out of my memory. So imagine my surprise when I learned that the show is alive and well, and adding new talent.

Entourage's Constance Zimmer is checking into Seattle Grace, with a recurring role in the series ninth season. Zimmer will be playing Dr. Cahill, a self-driving, ultra-focused professional with confidence to spare and an interesting sense of humor. Zimmer will appear in at least four episodes. 

Her debut is scheduled for the 12th episode, which is scheduled for late January.

Besides Entourage, Zimmer has guest starred on The New Normal and is playing a big part in David Fincher's upcoming Netflix series, House of Cards.

Zimmer and Campbell join A Different World's Dominic Hoffman, Gaius Charles and Camilla Luddington as guest stars this season.

Is Katherine Heigl still on the show? I have disliked her ever since she bad mouthed Judd Apatow after filming Knocked Up. Not that I am the world's biggest Apatow fan, it just seemed in poor taste to criticize the man after he gave her a star-making role. 



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"Is Katherine Heigl still on the show?"


Nope, she left about 3 years ago.  As did T. R. Knight ("George O'Malley", center of the bottom row in the pic).  And, although I'm not up on current episodes of the show, apparently 2 of the others in the bottom row are also no longer on the show, as of this year.


"it just seemed in poor taste to criticize the man after he gave her a star-making role"


Well, at least she's not the only one.  Someone should have mentioned that to Megan Fox :-)



Message Posted On Nov 16th, 2012, 6:16 pm
Oh, 'Dana Gordon' from 'Entourage' - I was like: who the f--k is Constance Zimmer? (I had to google an image, which is odd-usually these articles have pictures... awesome pictures, even.)
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