Review: Elementary - 1.07 - "One Way to Get Off"

Sherlock Holmes and Captain Gregson both deal with women from their past this week. Holmes puts up a blockade after Joan looked into his past last week, while Gregson deals with ex-partner Terry D'Amico after discovering she may have planted evidence in an old case he worked.


The case in question revolves around a series of cold-blooded home invasion/murders from 1999. Despite Gregson putting the case to bed with the arrest of Wade Crewes, thirteen years later the murders have begun again. Same MO: bound, blindfolded victims shot in the head, with the killer keeping a shoe from the female victim as a trophy. Crewes had maintained his innocence from day one, claiming a coffee mug with his fingerprints on it at the third murder scene was planted by Gregson. The confrontation between Jonny Lee Miller and Aidan Quinn touches on the chemistry that the two have shown in previous episodes, Quinn really selling the quiet rage as his friend raises his doubts that the evidence was legitimate.

Gregson confronts his old partner on the case, Terry D'Amico, learning to his dismay that she had in fact taken the mug from one of their interrogations of Crewes and planted it at the third crime scene. However, as the detective pries further into the most likely suspect, another frame up appears to be in the works.

Meanwhile, domestic tension is brewing at the Holmes/Watson household. The good detective is still quietly seething over his sober companion prying into his past last week and giving us our first mention of the enchanting but vexing Irene Adler. As he cuts her off from his work life, Joan checks out his old rehab facility. As one might expect, Holmes was anything but a model patient, though he did forge a friendship of sorts with groundskeeper Edson, who gives Watson a collection of letters the detective left behind... addressed from Irene Adler. Similar to the resolution of this week's mystery, this subplot is also dropped abruptly -- she's dead, Holmes didn't take it well, roll credits. Drama is just as much about the moments that are given time to sink in as it is about notable events.

The writers craft an effective mystery once again, but this time around it has a less satisfying, more abrupt resolution. It's almost as if they realized that 20 minutes of story remained but only 15 minutes were left to tell it with, and consequently scenes like Gregson's catharsis are pushed at a quicker pace. It's tough to count it against an otherwise effective episode too much, however.

Final Grade: B+

- Elementary
- Jonny Lee Miller
- Lucy Liu
- Aidan Quinn

Written by: kyleiam
Nov 16th, 2012, 2:50 pm

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