Review: The League - 4.06 - "The Tailgate"

Tailgating! The quintessential football outing that I'm shocked that FX's "The League" had yet to tackle. This week, Andre takes the gang on a tailgating trip to Dre Town. I know Andre gets razzed by the gang more than most, but he really does bring the style more often than they do, whether its a luxurious trip to Las Vegas for their Fantasy League Draft in season two or the boss RV/box seats to the Chicago Bears game this week.

The League

Kevin gets extra points this episode for wearing some Bears zubaz pants. Unfortunately, those points get deducted (and then some) with his goofy 'MacArthurs In The Mist' routine, wherein Pete and Ruxin narrate his primate-like mannerisms.

The episode also tackles the topical issue of cyber-bullying. Andre is getting harassed by an old high school bully who he has inexplicably friended on Facebook. The issue is brought to a head when Frank "The Body" Gibiatti -- last seen getting upstaged by Ruxin and his smokin' hot wife at their high school reunion -- drops in to upstage Dre Town bringing Andre's tormentor (Ken Marino as "The Seed") with him. It doesn't take much, as Dre Town is not all its cracked up to be: Andre packs vegan frou-frou garbage instead of traditional tailgating grub, forgets to fill the propane tank on the rented grill, and Taco busts the toilet "all the way."

Marino and his band of homoerotic tough guys kind of steal the episode, with too many great gags to list. Hopefully "The Seed" will return to spread his seed on viewers in the future.

This week's episode of "The League" was a bit of a mixed bag. Kevin continues to be my least favorite yet most used member of the group, and his 'Wild Kingdom' recurring gag was a bust. However, the Vatos Locos and their dueling tailgate party drove on in and roped in some big laughs.

Final Grade: B

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- Mark Duplass
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Written by: kyleiam
Nov 16th, 2012, 4:28 pm

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I quite like Kevin, he brings somewhat of a normality to the group. I think it'd be a bit too silly if every character was stupid and crazy.

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