'Walking Dead' stars talk Merle and Daryl reunion

The third season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" has arguably been the best yet. But fans are still chomping at the bit at the prospect of an anticipated family reunion that is sure to set sparks flying between Woodbury and Prisonville. The actors who portray the separated Dixon brothers, Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the brothers' relationship and how the reunion is set to go down.

Walking Dead

With the Dixon brothers' long-awaited and anticipated reunion still showing no signs of happening and the body count at the prison stacking up, some viewers may be wondering if Daryl and Merle will see each other alive or undead. However, Reedus insists its a matter of when, not if. "When the brothers are reunited, certain things happen and that will be the struggle: Does Daryl want to be like Merle anymore?" Reedus says. "It's a different world and there are no second chances and that causes conflict on both sides."

As far as taking sides, Merle seemed to solidify his allegiance to Woodbury's Governor when he agreed to delay his search for Daryl and stick to defending the homefront. Rooker suggests that seeing his brother in the flesh may find Merle second-guessing this. "Merle is for Merle," Rooker says. "If there's any human being on this Earth at all he cares about, it's his brother. Life is too short nowadays to be politically correct; we can be eaten at any moment. You don't know where Merle is going to put his cards."

"There's a role playing game -- big brother, little brother -- that still affects them as adults," Reedus adds. "Daryl's conflict is not just can he and Merle get along but is he still the same guy Merle had his big thumb on and does he still want to be that guy?"

"Now that Merle is gone, it's the first time that Daryl is turning into something that Merle was afraid he was going to become: Daryl is becoming his own man," Reedus continues.

How do you think the reunion will go down? Will the brothers meet before the inevitable war between the Woodbury residents and Rick's group?

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Nov 17th, 2012, 5:30 am

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