Kimmel talks Leno beef

KimmelOne of my favorite things about Jimmy Kimmel is how open he is about his dislike of Jay Leno. I was not on Team Coco, as I thought Conan O'Brien handled the Tonight Show mess at NBC poorly, but it did make further my belief that Leno is a complete scumbag.

Kimmel talked to veteran TV man Larry King and discussed his feelings for the gigantically jawed Leno. 

"For me, it started with Letterman, and it started with a guy, at least from my standpoint, became famous on the Letterman Show," Kimmel said. "I always felt weird about how Jay got that 11:30 spot. Of course, that was NBC's decision, but the whole thing seemed pre-meditated to me."

Kimmel's boyhood hero was Letterman, which would help explain why his being passed over for the unfunny Leno irritated him. Kimmel has openly mocked Leno, on Leno's own program no less, and also worn makeup and a fake chin to ridicule Leno.

Kimmel's ABC show is moving in January up to the 11:35 p.m. time slot, where it will compete head to head with both The Tonight Show and the Late Show with David Letterman. It will be interesting to see that dynamic - I wonder how Kimmel and Letterman will get along. Will we see guests choosing one host to appear on exclusively?


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