China's biggest TV station posts record advertising sales


The advertising appears to be skyrocketing in Asia. CCTV, the biggest television network in China, has a  record $2.55 billion (15.9 billion yuan) in advertising commitments for 2013 already lined up - an 11 percent increase from this point in time last year (for 2012, obviously), which was a 13 percent ad increase from the previous year. 

CCTV is state-run by the Chinese government. The 11 percent increase was better than expected, as experts predicted an eight-10 percent gain, as China's economic growth has slowed recently. This is seen as confidence by advertisers that the economy will right itself and that reaching China's 1.3 billion TV consumers is worth the money.

Chinese media regulators have also made moves recently that seem totally on the up-and-up (that is called sarcasm, kids). They have tightened the belt on CCTV's competitors' programming and made it more difficult for ads to interfere with dramatic series. The regulators tossed more than two-thirds of primetime programs that go against CCTV, saying they included "excessive entertainment and a trend toward low taste."

Advertising for CCTV was auctioned off, with alcoholic beverage company JNC Group spending more than $96 million (600 million yuan) on advertising.

Amazing how different things are in America.


Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 19th, 2012, 9:00 am

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