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Robin Roberts leaves hospital


Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts has left the hospital after being sent back last week by a virus. Roberts has been recuperating from her bone marrow transplant that she underwent two months ago.

Roberts blogged about her experience and the "emotional toll" it had taken on her. The entire blog can be read here.

"A latent virus, many of us have, was not responding to medication... and was pulling down my numbers. Our immune systems usually take care of a virus like this...but mine is only 59 days old," Roberts wrote. "Physically I felt fine but being back in the hospital took an emotional toll on me. The wonderful doctors, nurses and support staff lifted my spirits..it was comforting seeing them again."

Roberts' sister Sally-Ann provided the bone marrow for her operation to defeat cancer. Since that time, celebrities have been filling in for her on Good Morning America. It is unknown when she will return to the show, as it will be dependent on when she gains her strength back and is physically able to return.

"The virus is under control and my numbers are going back up," she wrote "My sister, Sally-Ann, flew to NYC to be with me. Before I was discharged on Friday she interviewed me. Her station in New Orleans, WWL-TV, has done an incredible job bringing attention to the need for donors like my big sis. GMA will show a portion of the interview Tuesday morning."

I have been a big fan of Roberts since she was an anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter (back before it became unwatchable). ABC has taken some flak, unfairly (in my opinion) for exploiting Roberts' fight against cancer. ABC News president Ben Sherwood disagrees with those claims.

"We are doing exactly what Robin has wanted every step of the way. Every frame of video you see, every mention is our attempt to fulfill Robin's wishes. Chronicling her journey is a very important part, in her view, of her healing process," he said. "She believes in the power of prayer, and I think she feels the outpouring of love, attention and concern has been crucial."

I think there is a real concern people have for her. Should they just pretend like this is not going on? Everyone is some damned cynical and negative about everything...


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Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 19th, 2012, 10:00 am

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