Spanish-language networks battling over Kristoff


Two television networks that broadcast in the Spanish-speaking countries of North and Central America are battling over one of the biggest stars in Mexico.

Televisa is furious that Kristoff bailed on the company for rival Estrella TV. The network says that it "has no one else in its roster of television personalities with the expertise and appeal to fill Kristoff's place and is unaware of any other rising stars in the industry who possess Kristoff's unique skill set, charm, and audience appeal."

Kristoff served as the host of numerous talk shows on Telehit (owned by Televisa), covering such topics as sex to media reviews. Now he hosts a blooper show on Estrella.

However, Televisa wants its man back. It has filed a lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in California, saying that an exclusivity provision in his contract should have prevented this move. It wants a judge to make a permanent injunction in the case and return Kristoff to the fold, as the network says it groomed him and trained him into becoming the success he is today. A few months ago, the network gave him a drastic pay increase of nearly 50 percent. The suit says Estrella talked Kristoff into breaching his contract, as he told his supervisor October 12 that Estrella TV wanted to hire him.

Six days later, he resigned, saying that "Beyond the legal problem I will surely have with Televisa due to the exclusivity issue...(I wish it was not so because of the amount that I am paid but I suppose whether you are a telenovla actor earning 500 thousand or you just appear on a music video channel with my salary, if you breach a contract there are consequences) I hope that we can maintain a cordial relationship because, again, you have never turned your back on me during the past six years."

 This guy must be dynamic.

- estrellaTV

Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 19th, 2012, 1:52 pm

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