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Review: Misfits - 4.04 - "Episode Four"

The new kids on "Misfits" have been somewhat underwhelming. Jess has gotten only a bit of development, Finn has gotten plenty but much of it is missing that weird charm that Nathan or Simon might have had.


That's why it was interesting to see the dynamic that bad girl Lola brought to the crew, both as a potential love interest for Curtis and as a cog in the wheel for the probation crew. Since her debut, Lola has had the appearance and demeanor of a classic film noir femme fatale. Mysterious background, cascading hair, sultry looks, seductive cigarette smoking, there's clearly more to the "trainee probation worker" than meets the eye.

The main plot of this week's episode really plays out like a neo-noir, as Lola ropes Curtis into dealing with a former flame who she claims is abusive and stalking her. You know how it is -- one minute you're just talking to the ex-boyfriend, the next minute you've pulled a gun and shot him dead and the girlfriend you were trying to protect is suddenly incommunicado. A tale as old as time.

One of last season's best episodes featured Curtis gaining the power to bring people back from the dead, though with the caveat that they now craved live flesh. Curtis uses his on the murdered ex to find out what he can about Lola, with an unfortunate twist that can only lead to a bittersweet ending. Suffice to say, there is much more to Lola, it (of course) has everything to do with the storm, and it plays out fantastically. This is easily the best episode of the current season. Fitting, since Curtis' spotlight episode in the first season was what really hooked me on this show.

The subplot with Finn and Rudy's living situation provides a few laughs, but mostly its to the detriment of the main story, which really deserved sole focus. Given how things played out in Curtis' story, writer Howard Overman wanted to use a subplot to bind the Rudy/Jess/Finn trio a little closer together. While "Misfits" has always effectively blended its thriller fundamentals with a little humor, but some stories really don't need much and generally Rudy's interjections completely diverge from the plot. Still, it's hard to hold it against the episode too much.

I'm a sucker for a good noir story, so this week's episode of "Misfits" was right up my alley. The characters and mood plays out perfectly, and I'm hard-pressed to find fault with it.

Final Grade: A

- Misfits
- Karla Crome
- Joseph Gilgun
- E4

Written by: kyleiam
Nov 19th, 2012, 6:52 am


Message Posted On Nov 19th, 2012, 5:18 pm
Yeah, I enjoyed the noir feel too. Great episode and superb send off for Curtis. He got the best one yet. It was like Nathan that happened in a webisode you could miss. Or Simon's where his death happened so long it can be hard to wrap your mind around. It was like Alisha where it was so sudden, it left you in shock. And it wasn't like Kelly's, where it happened off-screen. Curtis death was real and immediate and down prirvately and on his own terms. Loved it. Nice review. I like a comment someone made elsewhere that Rudy didn't have to split into his other self at the end. He was expressing his true emotions in real time. It was a nice piece of growth for him. Though she didn't have much to do in this episode I liked that Jess was the one that clued the gang into the fact that Curtis was in trouble. She has a good head on her shoulders. I also like Finn getting blooded, and messing it up. And his "Noo" to helping Rudy get the slug out of his ass. I look forward to whatever they do next. This episode shows they have the balls to do anything. Misfit is still the bravest and most unconventional show on television.
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