'Walking Dead' creator talks latest episode

This week's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" kept the season going at its by-now-usual frenetic pace. Rick hears dead people, Andrea and The Governor hit the sheets, and Michonne proves just how legit she really is. Series creator Robert Kirkman spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the latest developments and his thoughts on where we go from here.

The Walking Dead

Rick's phantom phone made its debut with this week's episode. Kirkman heralds the popularity of the subplot in his comic book series as the main driving force behind adding it to the show so soon after Lori's death. "That moment is a pretty popular thing from the comic. That’s something that a lot of people talk about. And because we had the death of Lori in the show, it came up pretty quickly in the writers’ room that that was a bit we definitely wanted to adapt," the writer said. "I think it says a lot about Rick, it makes him sympathetic. He’s at a breaking point and his mind needs that to a certain extent. We thought it would be a good thing for the character."

One of the episodes biggest surprises was the romance developing between Andrea and The Governor being taken to the next level. Despite being repulsed by last week's Zombie Smackdown show, Woodbury's newest resident was still swept off her feet by the charismatic Governor. "I’m definitely seeing stuff on the Internet where people are saying, 'Oh my gosh, how is Andrea caught under his spell?' When I think about it I could easily be caught under David Morrissey’s spell. You know, the viewer is aware of all these things that are going on behind the scenes. But, at face value, this guy is very kind, very hospitable, and super handsome, and he’s in this fantastic town," Kirkman said. "If I was running around in the woods hacking up zombies for a year I can’t definitely say I wouldn’t sleep with him."

Well then, perhaps we can look forward to Kirkman writing himself into the series as Andrea's rival for Morrissey's affections. What can viewers expect to see going forward? "All kinds of awesome," the writer exclaims. "This whole season has been about the group at the prison and the group at Woodbury. When are they going to meet? When are they going to interact? And I think that now that you’ve got Glenn and Maggie in Merle’s hands and then you’ve got Michonne in the prison, things are going to start ramping up and we’re going to start seeing these two groups clash. So look out for that kind of awesome."


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Long live The Walking Dead.....   Love is show.... watched the first 2 seasons before I read the comics... and the changes from page to screen awesome..... Long live The Walking Dead....

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