Krysten Ritter on 'Apartment 23' Thanksgiving miracles

Krysten Ritter probably first popped up on fans' respective radars with her turn as the broken and tragic love interest for Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad." Now she's showing off her comedic stylings in the offbeat "Don't Trust The B---- in Apt. 23," making sociopathic tendencies sexy. The sultry star spoke with IGN about her series and its upcoming Thanksgiving spectacular.

Krysten Ritter

Ritter sees her character Chloe not as the titular 'b' but rather as a true modern woman who is carving her own path through life, regardless of who's in the way. “She’s a true modern chick who’s marching to her own drum. She’s not pining after a guy or climbing a corporate ladder," the actress explained. "I think, besides the drinking and the sex, she’s a great role model and a great example of what a modern girl looks like now. She has no attachments, she does crazy wild things, but at the end of the day it’s all for good. She’ll do anything for friends.”

Unlike most sitcoms where character development is close to nil and issues are quickly resolved back to the status quo in 30 minutes, Ritter sees Chloe as changing gradually as the series progresses. "She can live with the same girl now, and her and James admit that their friendship is deeper than it was five years ago, but she’s going to stay nuts,” Ritter promises. “If anything I think she’s getting crazier. She’s so dynamic and intricate, so once you’re in she just seems to get nuttier. She’s got such a screw loose.”

While the series primarily revolves around Ritter's character's latest narcissistic and self-involved endeavors with best friend James Van Der Beek and roommate June, the Thanksgiving episode will give viewers a peek into Chloe's pained upbringing. “I think it’s our best episode yet,” Ritter beamed. “Basically my mother and I can’t stand to be in the same room together and every time we are, I regress back to an adolescent child monster.”

“This Thanksgiving I take June home with me to be a buffer and act as emotional support,” Ritter continued. “But then there’s a twist and I make her pretend to be in a wheelchair so she can level the playing field with my mom. And when June gets a little drunk and out of line, I decide to out her as a phony and a fake that’s pretending to need a wheelchair. So she ends up being the bad guy instead of me. It’s ridiculous. Honestly, when I saw it I was laughing hysterically.”

Check out a very special Thanksgiving episode of "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23" this Tuesday on ABC!

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