'Entourage' producers sell marijuana sitcom to Fox

Riding the high of the marijuana legalization movement with this month's election measures, the buds who brought us "Entourage" are poised to bring pot comedy to primetime.

Wahlberg and Levinson

Mark Wahlberg, Rob Weiss, and Steve Levinson have sold "The Happy Tree" to Fox. Marijuana legalization will serve as the backdrop for the series, which revolves around a brilliant young corporate attorney who quits his job after a nervous breakdown and becomes the unlikely voice for the 'legalize it' movement in Venice Beach. While I didn't watch "Entourage" all that much, I do remember the group getting really high all the damn time, so something tells me this is subject matter the trio are well educated on.

Weiss will co-write the script for the pilot, which will be produced by 20TH Century Fox TV under his development deal there. Joining him will be Jay Leggett and Blake Leibel, who will co-executive produce with Lawrence Longo in addition to helping pen the script. In addition to "Entourage," Wahlberg, Weiss, and Levinson teamed to produce HBO's "How To Make It In America."

Fox is evidently banking on the legalization movement that spread to Colorado and other states back on Election Day to bring in viewers. While it has gained popularity over the years, is a network ready for a series that revolves around a still somewhat controversial subject matter? What do you think about the prospects of this new series?

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Written by: kyleiam
Nov 20th, 2012, 3:39 pm


Message Posted On Nov 22nd, 2012, 7:52 pm
As long as Oliver Stone isn't involved! Man, that sell-out 'Savages' "film" hurted my soul a little bit.
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