22 year old Judd Apatow "Simpsons" episode to be made

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Every long time “Simpsons” fan has at some point thought about what they would do if they were in the writer’s seat for the wacky show about the dysfunctional Springfield family. Nowadays this is probably easier said than done, with over 500 episodes since the shows creation in 1989 there are not many topics that the show has not already covered. From pop culture to history and even a feature movie, the Simpsons family have seen it all.

That being said, you can imagine how difficult it is for Simpsons writers and producers to come up with original, unique and laugh out loud episode ideas every week. Conan O’Brien, who once was a writer for “The Simpsons”, had Apatow on his web series “Serious Jibber-Jabber” when Apatow mentioned the 22 year old script he wrote when he was struggling to make a break into the business.

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“Simpsons” executive producer Al Jean is one of the dedicated members of the Simpsons team who is constantly searching out fresh ideas. Jean heard about Apatow’s aspirations and contacted him to see if he was willing to turn his script into an episode.  “I thought, ‘Well, we’re always looking for good shows and good writers,’” says Jean. “I sent word to him: ‘If you’re interested, we’ll buy it.’ I think he had to find it — it was in one of his boxes.” It seems Apatow did not expect that anything would come of the script – at least he didn’t throw it out once he made it big.



Apatow’s episode will air next season, and will show normally feuding Homer and Bart as best friends when Homer is hypnotized into thinking he is 10 years old again. Even though Apatow has seen enormous success as a writer, producer and director of blockbuster films such as “Knocked-Up” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, this dream come true has been a long time coming.

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Looking forward to it :) maybe it'll have some of that old-time Simpsons charm.

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