'Survivor' castaways on what they are thankful for

Being stranded on a desert island with little food, few amenities, and no family is sure to put a lot of things in perspective. Certainly, competitors on CBS' "Survivor" would be especially thankful if they took home the $1 million grand prize, but roughing it for so long can also make a person take pleasure in the small things in life. Zap2It spoke with the castaways about what they are thankful for with their 39 day adventure behind them.


Writer/actor Jonathan Penner kicked things off, stating, "I'm thankful for my friends and loved ones and my health. And I'm thankful to live in the greatest country in history during the greatest period of history. But mostly I'm thankful for my two beautiful kids and my disarmingly fantastic wife. As Robert Palmer said, 'Simply irresistible!'"

Former child television star Lisa Whelchel says, "I am thankful for my four adult children who are also my best, favorite and most interesting friends. I am also thankful for my second-best friends...all my books on my Kindle."

Of course, food is a luxury that many former castaways are grateful for on their return home, as Malcolm Freberg, long-haired bartender and former Peace Corps volunteer, explained, "I'm thankful for late-night delivery -- after having to work for hours to produce a handful of unflavored, dirt rice, the concept of making a phone call and having whatever you want brought to your door is mind-blowing. You don't even have to put on pants -- which is, actually, a lot like Survivor."

I'm pretty sure you have to wear pants, at least for the delivery guy's sake. "I'm thankful for Keanu Reeves movies and breakfast burritos," jokes Carter Williams. No word on whether said breakfast burritos are enjoyed pantsless.

Finally, this season's villainess and chronic diarrhea-of-the-mouth victim Abi-Maria Gomes takes pleasure in the little things in life. "Like taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Simple luxuries that we take advantage of and really don't pay attention to much. The simple things started to count the most for me, after my experience," she said.

Personally, I'm thankful that Jeff "Me No Likey Return Players" Kent got the boot and the game suddenly took a turn for the unpredictable.

- Survivor
- Jonathan Penner

Written by: kyleiam
Nov 21st, 2012, 3:08 pm

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