Nicki Minaj admits to ruffling Mariah Carey's feathers

A cartoonish judge on Fox's “American Idol” admits that her personality can upset other women, including one of her heroes.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj said on ABC's “Good Morning America” that being true to herself sometimes can “ruffle other women’s feathers,” including fellow judge Mariah Carey.

"She's been one of my favorite artists of all time since I can remember, so it's weird that everything kind of, was blown up like that. It didn't make me happy at all," Minaj said.

Minaj and Carey had a verbal exchange last summer, which started the rumor mill and added security on “Idol’s” set.

"I can't take away what she's done in my life and just in pop culture in general and just having one of the most amazing voices in the world," Minaj said. "Having said that, I'm an adult and we are passionate on the set and sometimes when you're a passionate woman, you know, sometimes it kind of ruffles other women's feathers, but I'm going to continue to be Nicki Minaj."

Minaj also discussed performing at the American Music Awards last weekend, where she picked up two awards. The full video is available here:



- Nicki Minaj
- Good Morning America

Written by: KurtK26
Nov 22nd, 2012, 9:37 pm

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