'Survivor' host talks latest episode

Those who tuned into the latest episode of CBS' "Survivor" were treated to one of the most entertaining Tribal Council pile-ons ever. This season's villain Abi, known for her lack of self-awareness and tact, was dressed down by her fellow castaways with the instigation of host Jeff Probst. Probst spoke with Entertainment Weekly about this week's episode and what's to come.


The host sees a distinct difference between Abi's particular brand of villainy and those of seasons past. "I guess it would come down to behavior. Russell Hantz enjoys being a villain, likes creating chaos and on some level is always doing it for the audience enjoyment. He’s fascinating to watch because we know he is fully aware of what he is doing when he burns someone’s socks in the fire," he said. "Abi-Maria is completely clueless about the impact of her behavior on others. This is equally fascinating because we are amazed that she has no idea!"

As Probst pointed out during the tenuous Tribal Council, the host believes that much of Abi's abruptness and lack of self-awareness is rooted in cultural differences between the Brazilian and her tribemates. "I do think some of it is cultural, but the part that is cultural is the awareness of her behavior. The behavior itself is not cultural — that’s just selfishness and entitlement," Probst said. "Regardless of her approach, she has planted herself firmly in the Survivor Villain Hall Of Fame, which I would have never predicted pre-show. I thought she was very charming and funny and that she could flirt away deep into the game. I never saw this coming. Equally interesting is the fact that she is still in the game, and at this point is someone it makes a lot of sense to take to the end."

While it would make the most sense to keep Abi in the final three, this does not align with Probst's tease for next week's episode: "Abi is in trouble — can she find a way out? And alliances are shifting once again."

What did you think of the fiery Tribal Council this week? Can Abi survive another elimination?

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Written by: kyleiam
Nov 23rd, 2012, 8:33 am

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