'Liz & Dick' producer talks risky business of hiring Lindsay Lohan

A few days back, we reported on an interview wherein executive producer Larry Thompson discussed the challenges of directing the always unpredictable Lindsay Lohan in the new Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick. Well, apparently Thompson wasn't quite finished, as he sat down with Entertainment Weekly yesterday to offer even more insights into both the production, and Lohan's casting.

Lindsay appears dressed up as Liz Taylor

Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, definitely has a reputation for being a wild and unpredictable person both on and off set, so it came as a shock to some when she was cast in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic “Liz and Dick” instead of one of the more tame female actresses in Hollywood. The Lifetime movie, “Liz and Dick”, will premiere this Sunday and give viewers a look into the relationship between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. While Lohan could pass as a young Liz Taylor in looks once in character, her tumultuous life and hard-partying ways make it hard for many people to see her as anything but laughable.

Executive producer, Larry Thompson, discussed why choosing Lohan for the role was a risky decision. “When we first met with her, she had two probations, and when we finally closed the deal with her, there was only one probation,” Thompson says. “If we couldn’t have gotten insurance, there would have been no movie. We wound up having to go to Lloyd’s of London to get what we called incarceration insurance…. We had to protect ourselves that if she were to have violated her probation during production, we wouldn’t have had to close down and lose our movie.”

It seems like a lot of work for an actress that does not have a lot of credibility or respect in the industry at this point, just to get the younger demographic interested in the biopic. Thompson also admits that once they cast Lohan in the role, more difficulties popped up due to the fact that they were nervous that their top choices for the role of Burton would not want to star opposite Lohan. Thompson approached Grant Bowler for the role of Richard Burton after considering almost every actor from Wales and the UK that he could think of and feeling that Burton was his top choice.

Lindsay and Grant post together as

So far, critics are not holding anything back when it comes to sharing their opinion about the biopic. According to David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle, the film is "so terrible, you'll need to ice your face when it's over to ease the pain of wincing for two hours" and "the performances range from barely adequate to terrible. That would be Bowler in the "barely adequate" slot and Lohan, well, in the other one."

With reviews for the television movie already pouring in, I wonder if Thompson regrets his decision to cast the notorious Lohan as a much loved Hollywood star. When asked if he feels that Hollywood producers should give Lohan another chance after this experience, he said “I want the best for Lindsay Lohan and anybody who ever hires her. But they have to know that making a movie with Lindsay Lohan is like jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet with a bolt of white nylon, a string, and a sewing machine. You’re building a parachute as fast as you can.”

Hmm, sounds like he may be feeling a little bit of buyer’s remorse.

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Exactly. Nobody cares _because_ it's Lifetime. Still, a lot of energy expended on this (Tvrage locale and elsewhere), to my everlasting puzzlement. (Is that due to paparazi-factor of Lohan, I'm not wandering - and, is this the reason why she was, astonishingly, chosen over Megan Fox for the female lead -- un/curious minds do/not want to know!)


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Nobody cares. The movie is on Lifetime anyway, most of their faithful viewers probably don't even know who Lohan is in the first place.

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