Review: Dexter 7.09 "Helter Skelter"

Dexter Season 7, Episode 9 "Helter Skelter"


Greetings Dexter fans. We are deep into this season of our favorite Miami-based serial killer drama and things have been erratic, at best. We have seen Deb in complete disgust with her brother’s killings, then somewhat okay with him being a murder, all the way to her trying to nudge him to kill people. Dexter has been sloppier than ever and found love (?) on his slab – where once he found momentary peace, suddenly he realized that he had a hot naked woman that he could do sexual things to at his disposal. Naturally, after telling her that her death was near, he cut her free and they fornicated. La Guerta is tracking down the real Bay Harbor Butcher, due to finding a needle (a slide) in a haystack (a destroyed crime scene). The Ukrainians are after Dexter, when they are not after each other.

Last week, not a lot happened except Deb spilled the beans about previously being in love with Dexter to Dexter. What is that going to cause between the two?

Dexter and Hannah are enjoying a nice, pointless boat ride on the ocean when we learn that Dexter’s kids are back in Orlando. Their existence is idiotic in the show – they are not real people, they are just plot points that flow with no real sense of purpose.

Isaac shows up at Dexter’s place and tells Dexter he needs his help, as two hitmen are trying to kill him. He needs Dexter’s help in killing them first, you see.  Isaac needs the element of surprise – the hitmen do not know who Dexter is, so he is the perfect ally. If he agrees to help him, Isaac will let Dexter live. The good murderer declines and tells the bad one to get to stepping.

We head to a crime scene where the victim burned to death. Dexter and Deb have a tense conversation about Deb’s love and he tries to empathize with what she feels. Which, if you have watched Dexter for any length of time, you know talking about feelings (or even having normal human feelings) is not his area of expertise. Their dialog in this scene is so terrible – unrealistic, poorly delivered and dry. If you compare Michael C. Hall’s interactions with Jennifer Carpenter to those he has with Ray Stevenson, it is easy to see how much better Stevenson is as an actor than the other two.

Isaac threatens Hannah as a way to get Dexter to help him. We see Hannah chained up by one of Isaac’s associates – but strangely enough she does not try to sex him up…I thought that was her default reaction to being restrained. Dexter does not want anything to happen to his boo, so he begrudgingly agrees.

Dexter oerforms one of the series all-time best kills at a shooting range. He finds one of the hitmen firing from a prone position and slowly descends on him, putting a knife through him. It was not a normal Dexter kill but it was really well done and unexpected. I thought Dexter would try some stupid small talk and follow him into the locker room or something. Bravo, Dexter writers for that one!

Deb gives Dexter some Hannah advice and I worry that the show is going to end up with the Morgan siblings together. Eww.

Dexter and Hannah share a nice moment over Facetime as Dexter tries to play Bruce Wayne and figure out where she is being kept at. Isaac criticizes Dexter for not being caring enough on the phone to Hannah, talking about how Isaac was with Viktor and how carefree their love was.

Does Isaac blame himself for Viktor’s death? Dexter tries to convince him that he does. Dexter does some internet searching into clues on Hannah’s location and again our logic is insulted in how he figures out where Hannah is. In this case, an autographed soccer ball leads us right to the location. Taken along with Dexter and the fire investigator figuring things out so quickly and I think Dexter might be the modern-day American version of Sherlock Holmes.

Dexter lures the other hitman into a trap and Isaac puts him down. Isaac could kill Dexter but does not – he tells Dexter he is a man of his word and will let him walk.

La Guerta reaches out to the old captain for help with the Bay Harbor Butcher. He offers to help, provided she helps him by supporting his reinstatement. She agrees, so now we have a Team Morgan versus Team La Guerta dynamic brewing.

Hannah kills her captor, first poisoning his food and then bashing him across the skull with a blender. When that does not do the trick, she uses a lamp. During the battle, she is stabbed and tries in vain to reach the key to free herself, but passes out before she can.

Isaac and Dexter toss their weapons overboard together and everything appears peachy. Except the strip club boss shows up and caps Isaac. Dexter rushes to Isaac’s aid, but he is bleeding out from the stomach and death beckons.

Deb shows up to the location that Hannah is being kept at and finds her bleeding on the flour. She calls in an ambulance and backup, while we cut to Dexter driving Isaac out to where he disposed of Viktor. Isaac pushes Dexter to tell Hannah he loves her when he sees her again. The two men share a moment while Dexter reveals his feelings about death and about love. Isaac reveals that he was where Dexter is now before he found Viktor. Isaac passes on after telling Dexter there is hope for him yet.

Dexter rushes to Hannah’s side and tells her that he feels safe with her. Alright then.

So our episode ends with La Guerta finding an ally, Dexter losing an enemy/unlikely partner, Hannah recuperating in the hospital (but having to deal with Deb’s crap),  Dexter having a new target in the strip club boss and our homicidal love birds together. Ain't love grand?

Three more episodes left this season. My Christmas present this year will be not having to sit through this crap for a while. The cool kill helps this episode to a C- rating.


- Dexter

Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 25th, 2012, 7:57 pm


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Message Posted On Nov 26th, 2012, 6:14 am

I used to really enjoy the series, but feel it has sharply gone downhill following the fourth season.

I watch now out of habit and the hope that it comes together at the end. I had a ton of hope for this season but feel like it has been a terrible letdown.


Message Posted On Nov 26th, 2012, 2:55 am
Meh, I think the show has sucked balls since season five. I agree with Josh. Although I do have to wonder why he forces himself to review such a crappy show.

Message Posted On Nov 25th, 2012, 10:56 pm
Agreed. It's like this guy has hate for the show and it's actors. Boo!

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Message Posted On Nov 25th, 2012, 8:48 pm

Sorry. Send me your email address and I will refund your money.


Message Posted On Nov 25th, 2012, 8:25 pm
Horrible review just horrible
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