Is There a Feud Behind-the-Scenes at Fashion Star?

Fashion Star

Fashion Star premiers in mid-March on NBC, introducing the world to a new round of designers. Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson are just two fashion-savvy judges no the show, best known for their flawless style. The pair will work with designers and co-judges to find the next big designer. Though the show sounds just like Project Runway, it’s different because all designs are available online after the show airs.

Richie and Simpson both have experience as fashion icons as well as designers. Richie has a children’s clothing line, while Simpson has her hands in a number of projects. Not only can they serve as judges, but mentors as well. Keep in mind when two divas of that caliber are put together, it’s just a short time until the rumors start circulating that they hate each other.

Apparently tabloids are already starting gossip that Simpson and Richie hate each other and are competing for the spotlight. Richie told E! that these claims are ridiculous. “There’s absolutely no feud,” she said on the red carpet at the 2012 Golden Globes. “Jessica and I have been friends forever.”

While Richie insists the pair are besties, host Elle MacPhereson is also making headlines. The former supermodel told PEOPLE that she doesn’t spend too much time paying attention to her looks. Though MacPherson enjoys sports like surfing and skiing, she does it more for fun than exercising. “I do sport because I love it,” she shared. “I'm Australian, and I have an outdoor life.” She added that she doesn’t deprive herself of food she loves.

“I had chicken fingers and fries at lunch. I was so hungry. You can check my room service bill.”


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Written by: mawarner
Jan 16th, 2012, 10:10 pm

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