Google Doodle celebrates 85th birthday of "Mr. Dressup"

Google Doodle cartoon of Mr. Dressup in front of Tickle Trunk

It has been 11 years since Ernie Coombs, more commonly known as “Mr. Dressup” passed away from a stroke on September 18th, 2001, but for those lucky people (me included) who grew up watching his television show, he remains as one of the fondest memories of television that I have from my young life. Yesterday’s Canadian Google Doodle honored the television icon, along with his pals Casey and Finnegan.

So everyone gather round the Tickle Trunk and see what costume Mr. Dressup pulls out this time, it is time for a nostalgic trip down memory lane and into your imaginations.

The beloved children’s show ran from 1967-1996, and helped generations of children grow up with imagination and inspiration and learn how to be kind and loving. The show starred Ernie Coombs, Mr. Dressup himself, and aired every weekday morning. The show helped children to learn by engaging them in songs, crafts and games all designed to spark their imagination and creativity. Mr. Dressup’s favourite pals were two puppets: a child named Casey and a dog named Finnegan, who lived in a tree house in Mr. Dressup’s back yard.  When Mr. Dressup went into the play room to open his Tickle trunk, out he would pull a costume, which would transform him into a police man, a fireman or maybe even a clown, and the make-believe skits that would follow were charming and entertaining and educational for children. If Mr. Dressup was missing an accessory for his costume-no problem! That only means it is time to do some crafts!

I feel lucky to have grown up in a pre-“Teletubbies” age, where I could experience television that touched me and left a warm feeling in my heart. I will always fondly remember sitting on the living room floor with my sisters and watching Mr. Dressup, the sweet grandfatherly man, as he opened our imaginations and helped us to dream.

- Mr Dressup
- Erin Coombs

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Nov 27th, 2012, 5:32 am


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Great writeup. I miss Mr. Dressup :(

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