Clay Walker to Appear on The Bachelor

Bachelor BenLast night The Bachelor contained more drama than anyone could imagine. First Ben Flajnik took Emily out on a date to climb to the top of the Bay Bridge, later taking 11 girls to ski down a San Francisco road. Lindzi ended up on a solo date with Ben after Brittney decided to leave the competition. The horseback riding bachelorette was given a tour of San Francisco, ultimately ending with a private serenade from Matt Nathanson. All was going great for the girls until Shawntel returned to stir things up, leaving Bachelor Ben from handing out the final rose!

Next week is promising to be equally as dramatic as another bachelorette decides to leave the mansion because the competition is just “not for her.” Before the drama, Ben is set to take Jennifer on a romantic date in Park City, Utah. The pair will have dinner with a mountain backdrop while country star Clay Walker serenades the couple. Rachel will also receive a solo date on a helicopter over Utah’s rural countryside. Eight girls will also receive a group date invite to go horseback riding through the mountains.

At the cocktail party, Emily decides that she needs to warn Ben that his beloved Emily is not all she appears. Though he thinks she’s sweet, kind and drama-free, to the girls she is nothing but a liar and drama queen. Courtney doesn’t think that Emily had the right to do this and the two girls face off in a scream off.

The remaining girls include:
Blakeley, 34, VIP cocktail waitress, Charlotte, NC
Casey S., 26, trading clerk, Leawood, KS
Courtney, 28, model, Santa Monica, CA
Elyse, 24, personal trainer, Chicago, IL
Emily, 27, PhD student, Chapel Hill, NC
Jamie, 25, registered nurse, Dryden, NY
Jennifer, 28, accountant, Oklahoma City, OK
Kacie B., 24, administrative assistant, Clarksville, TN
Lindzi C., 27, business development manager, Seattle, WA
Monica, 33, dental consultant, Salt Lake City, UT
Nicki, 26, dental hygienist, Hurst, TX
Rachel, 27, fashion sales rep., New York City, NY
Samantha, 26, advertising account manager, Los Angeles, CA

Who will Ben give roses to after the dramatic Utah getaway?

- The Bachelor

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Jan 17th, 2012, 2:11 pm


Message Posted On Feb 20th, 2012, 9:14 pm
In episode 8, did Courtney suddenly come to a realization on her own or did someone she trusts tell her about her behavior in the previous episodes? Did the camera crew finally fess up and talk to her, off the air, about what a fool she's made of herself and how immature and inappropriate she's been? Perhaps they sensed that Ben might be falling for her and wanted her to make things right so he's not so disappointed when he watches the previous episodes. We can only speculate at this time. Before episode 8, I convinced a skeptical friend that this stuff couldn't be made up--Courtney's cat-like or female adolescent behavior is something we commonly see in 7th grade teenagers. Although, at the age of 28, Courtney hasn't quite matured yet either. Now, after episode 8, I'm almost convinced it was scripted, as my skeptical friend tried to warn me. In this episode Courtney sounded as though she was reading a script in a high school play. This is especially since she sounded so evil and convicted in her feelings in the previous episodes and not just a girl full of emotions with crazy thoughts she didn't really mean. Wait, were 1-7 the scripted episodes and now she is speaking from her heart? I am real confused.

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Message Posted On Jan 18th, 2012, 4:52 am

You mean Emily decides that she needs to warn Ben that his beloved "Courtney" is not all she appears. Yeah I got sucked into this show.

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