'Arrow' producer talks Huntress introduction, other new characters

The CW's "Arrow" hasn't shied away from bringing in characters from the DC Universe to mix it up with Stephen Amell's Ollie Queen. Not even halfway through the first season, the series has already introduced Deadshot, Deathstroke, the Royal Flush Gang, and China White.

The Huntress

This week's episode "Muse of Fire" marks a significant debut as The Huntress, played by Jessica De Gouw, touches down in Starling City for a two episode arc. Producer and showrunner Andrew Kreisberg spoke with IGN about the latest addition to his sandbox, and what characters we can expect to see going forward.

The CW version will see Helena Bertinelli don the mask, perhaps the most common secret identity for the long-time character. "She's the daughter of a mob boss, and over the course of these episodes we're going to find out that her father had her fiance murdered. The pitch for us was 'What would Meadow Soprano do if Tony killed her fiance?' and watching Meadow take down the Soprano family from within. That's going to put her in direct conflict with the Arrow, who is also targeting the mob," Kreisberg explains.

"For us, what's really great emotionally is that this is the first character Oliver has encountered who is kind of like him," the producer continued. "She too is on a mission of vengeance. She too has gone through a dark trial and has come out the other side. This is how she's coping. It's interesting for Oliver to be faced with a 'villain' who is actually doing a lot of the same things he is, which makes him question the validity of his mission. It also makes him recognize that he's lonely. He's had to push Laurel away to protect his secret, and while he does have Dig to speak to, it's not exactly having someone to share his life with. Against his better judgment, he starts to pursue a relationship with this woman, and that leads to disastrous consequences."

One of the more prevalent themes running through Green Arrow series is the title character's unquestioning willingness to kill in order to serve the greater good. While The Huntress follows suit, her less controlled tactics will find Queen rethinking his own. "The line between Huntress and Batman in the comics is very clean. She's willing to kill and he isn't. For Oliver, it's a little bit more messy because he is willing to kill. For him, as he says in the episode, it's not his opening move. He'll do it if it's completely necessary as a last resort," Kreisberg said. "For her, she's a little bit more wild and a little bit less concerned with collateral damage. That's really where the source of their conflict comes from."

In addition to noting that Deathstroke will appear numerous times in the coming weeks, the showrunner also hints at two other characters that are set to make their debut on the series. "Ted Gaynor is one of the Blackhawks in the DC Universe. He's going to be played by Ben Browder from 'Farscape,' which I'm extremely excited about," he explained. "He was Dig's commanding officer in Afghanistan, which is going to lead to a great conflict between Dig and Oliver when Dig discovers that Gaynor's name is on Oliver's list. And it's going to make Dig question the validity of Oliver's list. It puts all the characters in a great conflict."

He continued, "Count Vertigo is played by Seth Gable, who is just absolutely phenomenal. It's the first time in the series that the Arrow is going to be responsible for the creation of a 'supervillain.' Oliver set out to have a positive influence on the city, and this is the first time his actions as the Arrow are going to perhaps cause greater problems than the ones he was trying to solve. An enigmatic street dealer, because of his confrontation with the Arrow, is elevated and causes more destruction for the city."

Don't miss the debut of The Huntress in a new episode of "Arrow" tonight on The CW!

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Nov 28th, 2012, 3:29 pm


Message Posted On Nov 29th, 2012, 8:29 am
I suppose what I (and I think she) meant to get across is that they both _kill_ selectively-chosen people, ones who, either his or her 'list,' are somewhat (although not quite) comparable in their level of societal harm -- i.e. in terms of scale, that is; certainly, she isn't going for some random street crime to get her 'justice' rocks off). Granted, she is a little messier, but that may merely be attributed to her lesser level of skill -- they both seem to take somewhat similar risks vis.a.vis. innocent bystanders (although again, I suppose single arrow versus praying-and-spraying with a handgun is not quite comparable).

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Message Posted On Nov 29th, 2012, 6:20 am

Yeah, the difference in the comics between Huntress and Batman is also the same sticking point between Batman and Green Arrow.  They don't see eye-to-eye on the whole killing thing and it has led to rifts.  It's almost like Superman and Batman tolerate him, while they argue with him when he does something they consider radical.  Of course, Oliver doesn't run his plans by them first 'cause he KNOWS they won't approve.  Green Arrow can be harsh, but I do kinda agree with his "necessary evil" or "lesser evil" line of thinking in some circumstances. 


Message Posted On Nov 28th, 2012, 8:41 pm
I found it noticeable that Oliver kept telling her that she is not like him, but when asked why, he was pretty spectacularly failing to articulate that. And that she is f--ing hot!
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