Is a strike in the BBC's future?


One day I will post some good news for the BBC that as they start to put all their problems behind them. Unfortunately, this is not that day. 

As the broadcaster deals with criticism over former director general George Entwistle's resignation and severance, the 'Newnight' scandal involving false allegations towards a former British politician and the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal (that continues to grow in scope), now it has to worry about a possibly holiday strike.

Members of a journalist's union are upset that the BBC has hired outside staff, which cutting job costs to save money. The union argues that the existing staff should be relocated instead of let go.

The BBC did offer to let people at risk work in different positions instead of face the unemployment line. But the union says that some BBC executives have not followed that promise. The union will vote soon on possibly striking, with the National Union of Journalists urging solidarity and support for the strike. 

"Despite signing up to a shiny new redeployment agreement (which looks great on paper), BBC management are still not implementing it," NUJ broadcasting organizer Sue Harris wrote in a letter to members. "The NUJ has always maintained a principled stance against compulsory redundancy. Sadly, it seems that yet again we have to threaten strike action to make BBC management stick to their own commitments."

The BBC issued a statement, saying that it was "extremely disappointed" about the potential strike.

"We have implemented all the redeployment commitments we agreed with the joint unions," a spokesman said. "We are making considerable efforts to avoid compulsory redundancies. However, the BBC has to make significant cuts, and we have always been clear that it will not always be possible to avoid them completely."



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Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 29th, 2012, 6:25 am


Message Posted On Nov 29th, 2012, 10:00 am
"[T]he BBC has to make significant cuts" to pay for exorbitant executive pay: like $1000,000 for three month work. *** Deranged Wall Street logic of the archbeasts taking root in the BBC - now there's something to be "extremely disappointed" about.
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