Starz considering 'Spartacus' spinoff


Starz is ending 'Spartacus,' but the show might have some life left. The network is considering a spinoff that would focus on Roman leader Julius Caesar.

There is no truth to the rumor that the network will just reair the first season of 'Rome' with a different title, since so few Americans watched that series.

Caesar, who is joining the cast for the third season, is played by Australian actor Todd Lasance. 

The third season, entitled 'Spartacus: War of the Damned,' premieres January 25, and starts following the defeat of Roman commander Gaius Claudius Glaber. Sparatcus (Liam McIntyre) and his men continue building their legacy and increasing the ranks of their rebellion, growing to more than 30,000 in number.

The series was the first original scripted drama developed in house by the network and has done well, eventually growing to average more than 6 million viewers weekly.

"In the halls of Starz, we often whisper about a spinoff. We've set up a world that is just perfect to spin off into other areas during this time period," said Spartacus boss Steven DeKnight. "We are open to, down the road, revisiting this world, whether it's Julius Caesar, whether it's set in the same time period or whether it's a little later in the time period."

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Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 29th, 2012, 6:34 am


Message Posted On Nov 30th, 2012, 12:25 am
ɛt ˈtu? And, on the same token, we also know what happened to Spartacus (well, I at least hope that the average person does; even if his eventual demise is not as famous as the assassination of Julius Ceaser by republicans senators on the Senate floor -perhaps the most well-known assassination in recorded history)...

Message Posted On Nov 29th, 2012, 2:06 pm
Spoiler alert for the end of the show; Caesar gets stabbed and dies.

Message Posted On Nov 29th, 2012, 10:23 am
Not that Caesar was an especially humane individual, but the (a)historical accounts (written by the victors, as always) has completely distorted the popular notion of what it actually meant to be a Republican (portrayed as moral and just) versus being a Democrat (portrayed as immoral and corrupt) in ancient (unholy) Roman Empire. *** So, although I am very excited with prospects for more masterful DeKnight Roman Empire storytelling, I am also more than a little wary of being disappointed with more of the same old(/elder) Cato-the-f--ing-liar bs. *** But, if DeKnight is, somehow, able (allowed) to realistically capture the struggle between the aristocratic republican 'Optimates' and the plebic democratic 'Populares,' as it really was during Ceaser's (and other) time(s), rather than the usual triumphalist, elitist way in which it is almost always portrayed --as democracy vs. tyranny (take for example how Star Wars depicts that past event -far, far away, of course, as "Old Republic" = good, 'Emperor' = evil; except, in reality, the non-slaves, non-women, non-aristocratic citizens of Rome loved Ceaser and his popular reforms and hated the Optimates with a vengeance, and for good cause)-- that would be... so daring, so amazing.
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