Is a Sex and The City and 2 Broke Girls Crossover in the Works?

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is one of CBS’ highest ratest comedies. The show, written by Whitney Cummings and produced by Sex and the City’s Michael Patrick King, follows the story of two crude, broke girls working as waitresses while chasing their dreams of opening a cupcake shop. As part of CBS’ Monday night comedy block, 2 Broke Girls even took home a People’s Choice Award for best new comedy this year.

At the Television Critics Association winter preview party, reporters had one question on their minds- would there be a Sex and the City and 2 Broke Girls crossover event? “The world of Sarah Jessica Parker and those girls, and Max Black and Caroline Channing are so different that I can’t imagine that happening,” King told reporters.

Though the stories couldn’t possibly cross paths, King would not rule out the chance of guest stars in the future. “We think a lot about the best use of the characters that can come into Max and Caroline’s life, so we don’t know,” he shared. “We’re still building stories, so we have no idea.”

Just imagine throwing Carrie Bradshaw or Charlotte into the 2 Broke Girls world. The only way it could possibly work is if maybe Caroline knew these posh girls from her past life of being a rich girl. Though Carrie says she doesn’t have money, we all know she is just as well off and popular as Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. Carrie just has a shopping addiction. Just imagine if Carrie was out shopping for discounted threads and just wanders into the girls’ diner.

King says there’s no confirmation that any of the Sex and the City ladies will appear, but he assures reporters “Any actor that I can get to come on the show who’s right for a character would be great.”

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Written by: mawarner
Jan 17th, 2012, 11:16 pm

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