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'Survivor' host talks Penner's ousting, Survivor Auction

Last night's episode of CBS' "Survivor" saw the return of the fan-favorite Survivor Auction, as well as the shocking elimination of a returning player. Host Jeff Probst spoke with Entertainment Weekly about this week's episode, and why he doesn't feel too sorry for Jonathan Penner following his elimination.


Typically, the Survivor Auction items can vary from great food and luxury items to more gross-out items. The host admits that this season's cast needed more of the former, and acknowledges that not everything made the cut. "When we know they’ve been starving, we are more likely to make it a more positive experience with bigger meals and fun payoffs. We know how incredibly tough it is to go day after day with so little food and joy so the auction is the one time we can perk up their morale," Probst said. "But we do still throw in the occasional 'let’s make a deal' choice — and we did that this year. It just didn’t make the cut because the reality on the beach has been so damn good!"

This week, it appeared all but certain that the self-centered Abi would be going home, but instead saw her make an unexpected comeback to win immunity and send the returning player Jonathan Penner home. Probst has little sympathy for the "Survivor" all star, pointing out that his cocky gameplay came back to bite him. "Penner blew it twice. He had a chance to secure the numbers back with Jeff Kent’s ouster and he absolutely blew it by passing up the final four. I think he got a little cocky. Penner is a very confident guy. He’s a gifted manipulator, good with the spoken and written word, and pretty good at reading people," the host explained. "But, there was no reason not to take that deal. He might argue that he didn’t want to lie to anyone, but as he and I later discussed after his ouster, nobody trusted him anyway so his mission to play a clean game was lost on everybody else. Also, I don’t know what was up between Penner and Jeff Kent, but I think it ultimately hurt both of them. Oddly, for some reason I really thought they might unite and form a true alliance, but instead they knocked heads and now are both on the jury."

The host also drops a tease for next week, the seasonal tear-jerker loved ones visit episode: "Ah the loved one visit... it yields big rewards for at least one Survivor and yes, Malcolm’s brother is a charming treat — and a huge Survivor fan to boot!"

What did you think of last night's elimination? I was somewhat surprised that Skupin and Lisa didn't push to vote off Carter, thus allowing them to jump into an alliance with Penner if they felt the need.

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Written by: kyleiam
Nov 29th, 2012, 7:16 am

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