Hunted: Exclusive Clip From Tonight's Episode

Sam Hunter

Will Sam Hunter end the first season of "Hunted" as the predator or the prey? We won't have to wait much longer to find out, as only two episodes remain of the Cinemax original series' inaugural run. Sadly, recent weeks have brought us the news that the BBC no longer wishes to continue funding its end of the UK/US co-production. Fans shouldn't give up hope just yet though, as Cinemax is strongly considering finding a new UK partner, and/or financing a second season themselves. Here's hoping 2012 won't be the last we see of Melissa George's sexy and smart turn as a super spy.

But those are future concerns. Let's now talk about tonight. The seventh episode (entitled "Khyber") makes its U.S. debut tonight at 10pm on Cinemax, and we've been granted access to an exclusive clip:

Who doesn't love a good secret meeting between co-conspirators?

I'll leave you with the official synopsis for "Khyber", and a reminder that if you've missed any episodes, Cinemax is running marathons every Wednesday.

"Determined to delve further into Hourglass, Sam makes a startling revelation relating to her past. However, her investigations trigger the interest of Byzantium’s client. When Aidan instructs Natalie (Indira Varma) to uncover the leak in MI6, her shocking discovery exposes her to dangers on all sides. Byzantium discovers potentially devastating evidence regarding the dam, which Jack Turner plans to use to secure the bid."

Do you hope Hunted comes back for a second season?

- Hunted

Written by: msd85
Nov 30th, 2012, 8:55 am

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