Jon Stewart discusses Romney/Obama lunch


Yesterday one of the oddest traditions in American politics played out, as President Barack Obama sat down to have lunch with the Republican challenger he put down earlier this month, Mitt Romney. While it is common place for the winner and loser to get together not long after the election, this campaign was especially bitter and nasty. Luckily for those of us sick of reading about the two men's campaigns, this is the end.

As such, Jon Stewart and Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' bid farewell last night - in their own way. Stewart mocked the lunch, skewering the event. Photos were released of the two men shaking hands in the Oval Office - I wonder if Obama resisted telling Romney this was the last time he would even step foot in the room?

The two men than sat down for turkey chili and chicken salad, where they discussed...whatever two men in their positions discuss? No, they talked about several issues, including America's leadership around the globe and the importance of maintaining that during the next four years.

Stewart compared the meeting to Eddie Murphy's '80s film 'Coming to America,' imposing Romney's face on Murphy's character (an African prince).

"The campaign is over so he doesn't have to pretend anymore. He can finally wear that Serengeti lion sash he hadn't been wearing," Stewart said. "By the way, Obama couldn't have met the guy in a restaurant? Had to make him come to the White House? That's some cold brew."

To see a video of the Stewart's segment, click here.

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Nov 30th, 2012, 9:40 am



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Whenever I see these two men together, it never fails to get across the fact that they share an intense mutual dislike of one another. I know a political campaign rarely ends with a friendship, but these two especially seem to despise each other. Even their staged photo ops look awkward.

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