'Nashville's' Hayden Panettiere involved in crash

The city of Nashville hasn’t always been kind to Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden Panettierre

The starlet of the ABC drama named after the city was involved in a car crash there earlier this month.

Her BMW collided with a Geo Prizm Nov. 14 after Panetteire ran a red light going through an intersection.

Panettiere, who plays a country singer on the show, was in the right lane driving through the intersection when the other driver turned left into her lane, instead of going into the left lane.

A witness reported told authorities that the actress had a red light when the incident occurred.

No one was seriously injured. The two vehicles were towed away from the scene.

The show, which is on its first season, is filmed in Nashville. Panettiere plays Juliette, the hottest new star in country music. Connie Britton plays a veteran country star trying to hang on, and the two are forced to perform together.

It has also come out that Panettiere uses State Farm insurance. I’ll leave it to the reader to make their own “like a good neighbor” joke.

Panettiere tweeted “Thank you to the Nashville police department. Was in a scary accident, and they were great!”

- Hayden Panettiere
- Nashville

Written by: KurtK26
Dec 1st, 2012, 3:12 pm

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