Chinese broadcaster suspended after rant

Chinese media organizations have posted edicts on their websites for quite some time that go over the "policies and laws" they govern by. Yesterday a new memo appeared on the website of Chinese provincial channel Jiangsu Education television discussing the official position on how violators of the country's television-regulation laws will be dealt with by authorities.

This comes after a leaked video that shows some potty mouth. The clip shows stars and spectators interacting on 'Bang Bang Bang,' a racy game show. Model Gan Lulu and her mother (who is her agent) begin swearing at an audience member who accused Gan of undermining China's morality during the show's recording on November 24.


To the left is a picture of Ms. Lulu (one of the few I could find on Google that would not get me fired for posting here). The Chinese blogosphere erupted over the incident, with the government initially ordering the broadcaster to suspend the program and then, the following day, to switch itself off. The suspension is expected to last between seven and 30 days. 

As the Chinese cable industry grows, the country's national broadcaster - Chinese Central Television - has become threatened. Reality TV is very popular in China and is driving this growth. The Juangsu Education Television channel was created to teach school-aged children, not have women like Lulu flipping out while dressed like lladies of the night. While the Chinese government is notoriously strict and demanding, I can understand some frustration in this case.

The incident has been described as Jerry Springer-esque. What do you think of this?

- Jerry Springer

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 2nd, 2012, 6:09 pm

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