Review: Dexter 7.10 "The Dark...Whatever"

Dexter Season 7, Episode 10 "The Dark...Whatever"


Last week I angered some Dexter fans with my review of the show. I never expect to win everyone over with what I write, but I certainly do not go out of my way to piss everyone off. So I am going to try a different tactic this evening. Instead of pointing out poor acting, plot holes, nonsensical changes, abrupt endings that do not make sense or any of the other criticisms I usually have of the show, tonight I am only going to focus on the good things. 

* We start off with an alive Hannah. This makes me happy, as Yvonne Strahovski is stunning and I enjoy her acting. I am glad they have not killed her off, yet. There is more that can be done with her character and I hope the Dexter writers explore what she has to offer.

* I like the Phantom Arsonist storyline. I think it is moving a little too quickly (or a lot too quickly), but it is a pretty neat B-story. The fire guy absolutely seems like the suspect, but I think Dexter’s will surprise us here and not do the easy thing.

* Dexter tells Hannah about his “Dark Passenger” and she reacts in an interesting manner. She tells him he does not need it. Hannah’s father shows up and surprises the lovebirds. Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” wants some time with her father, but he wants to change and be a better father. I thought the acting between the father and Strahovski was pretty good here. And why wouldn’t a thirty-something adult woman want her old dollhouse as a gift?

* Civil War reenacting as an alibi. Different. Is there a big market for that in Florida?

* Seeing the Phantom Arsonist in action was unexpected and surprising.

* Every time that Dexter leaves work for whatever reason tickles his fancy, I am jealous and think about sending my resume to Miami Metro.

* Hannah’s dad proves himself to be a real jerk and Strahovski’s acting here competes with any the show has ever seen (that I can think of).

* LaGuerta thinks Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Matthews tries to talk her down from that suspicion, but things should be different now that she actually thinks Dexter is the guy.

*Quinn blasts the dirty strip club owner and then sets the scene up. Batista is drawn into the dirty scheme and it seems like this is not going to blow over easily.

* LaGuerta and Matthews are putting the pieces together very, very rapidly.

* Hannah’s daddy tries to blackmail Dexter.

* It seems like there is going to be less arson in Miami’s future. Dexter has a little second guessing as he preaches to the arsonist and instead of killing him, he leaves him to be caught by Miami Metro, with the evidence neatly lined up.

* Hannah’s dad does not meet Dexter’s merciful side, however. Dexter breaks his code, because he wants to. Dexter without the dark passenger is a scary thing.

* Dexter tells Hannah what he did, in vague terms. She seems relieved but I wonder what she is really thinking. They each profess their love for each other and the show ends with Deb having received new information about Hannah's background.

I liked this episode. It was a little uneven at times but was the best episode of the season. A B grade.

- Dexter
- Yvonne Strahovski

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 2nd, 2012, 7:54 pm


Message Posted On Dec 2nd, 2012, 9:29 pm
If what I think I know via sources are true, the Final episodes will be thrilling game changers, here's hoping.
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