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Review: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 8, Episode 7)

Frank's Back in Business

The WarthogFrank and Charlie's quest for crow eggs is interrupted by a phone call. It seems Atwater Capital is in serious financial trouble and they believe the only one who can save their beloved company is their founder, The Warthog. I knew Frank would be revealed as The Warthog but it was still really funny when they cut to him snorting and grunting like a pig. Frank agrees to help revive Atwater Capital and takes Charlie under his wing.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang finds some Phillies tickets while sifting through an unclaimed wallet they found at the bar. Dennis pretends to be the owner of the wallet, Brian LeFevre, and Dee assumes the role of his wife, Prudence. Dee was both amusing and cringe-worthy when she affected what was supposed to be a Canadian accent. Joel Murray (Dharma & Greg, Mad Men) guest starred as Andrew Kane, one of the executives trying to woo LaFevre into accepting a proposal. Surprise!I always used to think he was related to Sean Murray (NCIS). Mac blurts out that he is their bodyguard, Vic Vinegar, who was a recycled alias from The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis (Season 5, Episode 1) when he played the "bad cop" half of real estate duo, and gay lovers, Honey and Vinegar. Mac realizes this persona was a bad choice when he is not allowed to drink alcohol or be involved in the business decisions.

Sunny always pushes the envelope of good taste and I am happy to report that they hit a new low, even for them. The executives tell Dennis, as Brian LeFevre, that they have a surprise waiting for him in the locker room. Andrew Kane leans in, giving him a knowing look, and insists "we know exactly what you like". In the locker room, Mac and Dennis find a young, shirtless Asian boy waiting for them. After introductions, the boy announces, "Surprise! I'm all yours. I was told there'd just be one but I can take both of you. Might get a little sore but I'll manage."

Are you...?Mac excuses himself and Dennis goes to speak with him. Mac assumes they're done since "LeFevre's into banging little Asian boys" but Dennis insists they must see it through. By far, one of the best lines of the evening was when Mac replied, "Dennis, are...are you going to have sex with a tiny Asian boy?" Mac leaves while Dennis is chastising him for having no commitment. As Dennis rounds the corner, unfastening his belt and pants, he realizes that there was a huge misunderstanding. The "gift" is a new set of golf clubs and the young Asian boy is his caddy. The whole scene was hilarious and delightfully horrifying.

Charlie and Mac decide to go into business together and hijack Frank's shareholders meeting to show a commercial for their new product, Fight Milk, which they boast is "the first alcoholic, dairy based protein drink". The Fight Milkinfamous dick flyer from Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead (Season 3, Episode 3) made an appearance to help promote the unique beverage. Following the video, Charlie and Mac reveal that Dennis is not Brian LeFevre. The twins have a disturbing conversation about how Dennis failed to get Dee off but that he, himself, got off many times. Frank admits that screwed over Atwater Capital to make money by selling out to the Chinese. Overall, I thought it was a brilliant episode.

- FX
- Joel Murray
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Written by: Kimberly1978VA
Dec 2nd, 2012, 1:28 pm


Message Posted On Feb 17th, 2014, 5:55 am
Great recap of the episode. Especially about the Mac and Dennis locker room scenes. Delightfully horrifying is precisely the way to describe that
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