Starz adds three new kids series


Starz is putting a lot of faith into three children's cartoons. The network has renewed 'Gawayn,' an animated adventure comedy produced by Alphanim, and also added two more series the producer - 'The Green Squad' and 'Toto Trouble.' 

Starz has a history with Alphanim. It already airs 'Hairy Scary,' 'Zombie Hotel,' 'Matt's Monster' and 'Santa's Apprentice' from the producer.

'Toto Trouble' is based on a comic book and follows Toto, the "most famous kid on the playground." Is is targeted at elementary school-aged children. 'The Green Squad' is an travel show with an ecological theme.

Alphamin, a French group, is managed by Gaumont. In addition to its Starz deals, it has lined up multiple international deals. ABC Australian has signed to carry 'Gawayn,' Disney Channel in South Korea has purchased 'Mouss & Boubidi,' a cartoon set in the Pacific Islands, and Megamax has signed to air all three seasons of 'Galactik Football' in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I do not think any of these would have appealed to me when I was a child. These almost sound like the names ‘Saturday Night Live’ would come up with to lampoon a children cartoon manufacturer. Have any of you seen any of these programs from Alphanim?

- Zombie Hotel
- Galactik football
- starz

Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 3rd, 2012, 7:08 am