Novel "Hitlerland" by Andrew Nagorski being turned into drama series

Book cover for "Hitlerland". Hitler with his back to us, facing a crowd


FremantleMedia is all set to join with television writer and producer Marshal Herskovitz to bring the novel “Hitlerland” by Andrew Nagorski to the small screen. The new drama series will be based on the most recent novel by the award winning journalist, and will take viewers back to the 1920’s and 1930’s during Hitler and his Nazi’s fateful rise to power. The story is told from the perspective of Americans—diplomats, military, expats, visiting authors, Olympic athletes—who watched horrified and up close. While the book is non-fiction, and told through a series of personal testimonies that were drawn from unpublished manuscripts, uncovered in relevant archives, and conducted useful interviews, the television series will bring the stories into the fictional world to depict the events surrounding this torrid time.

Herskovitz is very interested in the concept of bringing this time period to life through the eye of outsiders, Americans who were witness to the atrocities of the time.  “Berlin during the 1920s and ’30s was so alive, so filled with promise, so incredibly modern — even today, much of what we think of as new or avant-garde was created then,” Herskovitz said. “And it’s equally important — in light of the dark forces in our world today — to understand how a group like the Nazis ever came to power.”

The project will be commanded by Jeff Tahler and Tony Optican of FreemantleMedia Enterprises as part of their strategy to develop and distribute dramas for worldwide audiences. “Marshall Herskovitz’s vast experience in creating television and feature hits, combined with the elaborate social and political landscape surrounding the story of how one of the world’s most feared regimes eventually came to power, will provide him with a completely new battlefield to explore.”

Hitlerland is indeed a tale of power, political intrigue, and regret. This look back on tragedy will aim to be a lesson in history and why it is important not to repeat past mistakes. 

- Marshall Herskovitz

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Sounds like the worst amusement park EVER.

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