Olivia Munn hypes 'New Girl' role

Olivia Munn has been object of many a fellow nerd's affection since her hosting turn on G4's "Attack of the Show." The actress spoke with TV Guide recently about her upcoming recurring role on Fox's "New Girl" and how her character gels with the oddball roomies.

Olivia Mun

Munn expresses excitement about her new role on the Fox sitcom. "Angie is a new love interest for Nick. She is someone who really gets Nick to get outside of his comfort zone and really throws inhibitions to the side and just do things that he never thought that he would do," she said. "She gets along with the whole group. She's the kind of girl that has no problem finding fun in any place with anything, no matter if there are rules or regulations. It's just about having fun and living life."

That sounds truly like the exact opposite of the delightfully misanthropic Nick, but Munn sees her character as a chance to bring out a new side to the lovable curmudgeon. "She becomes a regular at the bar. Nick watches Angie and her boyfriend fighting and the boyfriend storms out, leaving Angie crying at the table. With Jess's advice to come talk to Angie, and he had been watching her for quite some time, he made a decision it was finally his moment to get in there and take full advantage of the moment of her being by herself," Munn said. "What I love about how they approach it is that he comes to Angie and he basically says, 'You deserve better.' He says it so honestly that I think she's really taken back by how honest this guy is being with her and how refreshing it is. I think that's what wakes her up and ignites that first spark."

She continued, "There's no games. He's not trying to be somebody he's not. He's just Nick and I think she really likes that he is just so completely himself. Even though he can be uncomfortable and awkward at times, I think she really likes that he embraces that."

Regarding whether she hopes to stick around long-term, the actress is torn, seeing her character as wedge that keeps Nick and Jess from potentially getting together. "I'm a big fan of the show. So, if I'm on the show, that means that Jess and Nick are still not together and as a fan of the show, I really want them together," she said. "It was weird because I'm there as the love interest for Nick; however, I'd be watching in the middle of a scene going, 'Oh, they're just so great together!' I feel like I'm a mole for the fans. I've been cast, but really, I'm here to help push them together. I'm watching, going, 'No, let's just put them together. This is where it should end. I'll leave and they'll stay together.' I just think they're so sweet together and I just love that couple together. As a fan, I think it's best for me to step out of the way and go back and watching as an audience member, so I can finally watch them get together!"

Don't miss "New Girl," airing tonight on Fox!

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Dec 4th, 2012, 4:57 pm

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