Bravo orders first scripted pilots: Dramas ‘The Joneses’ and ‘Rita’

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After making the announcement last year that they will be introducing original scripted programming, Bravo has taken the first step towards launching two new original scripted series on their cable network. Both series will be written and produced by established women and based off of existing properties. “The Joneses” by Liz Tigelaar and “Rita” by Krista Vernoff were chosen for their content, which Bravo feels will appeal directly to their viewers. Andrew Wang, VP of Scripted Development and Production at Bravo says “We went out looking for shows that spoke to the Bravo brand of great aspirational female-driven upscale worlds and came from strong creative auspices.”

Poster for film "The Joneses"“The Joneses”, originally developed at ABC, will be a family drama based off of the 2009 indie film of the same title which starred Demi Moore and David Duchocny. The Jonseses may seem like the All-American family when they move into their new upscale neighbourhood, but they have a few secrets they would rather their neighbours not discover – they are really “guns-for-hire cast to play family members and do stealth product marketing among their neighbors”. “The show has a fun voice but also speaks to consumerism, something that our unscripted series do too,” Wang said.

“Rita” is an adaptation of a Danish show, and will be written by “Shamless” and “Grey’s Anatomy” writer Krista Vernoff. “Rita” will tell the story of a private school teacher struggling to deal with the complexities of her job, demanding parents of her students and her own three teenage children at home. “The show has a great central character that is strong and outspoken, very much like some of the characters on our reality series,” Wang said. “But it is in a setting that we can’t explore on the unscripted side.”

While many of the other scripts which Bravo has taken a look at since March are still on the table, none others have been given a potential release date or pilot. Bravo will debut its first original scripted series in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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Written by: harrisr
Dec 5th, 2012, 5:26 am

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