"Criminal Minds" Matthew Gray Gubler dishes on directing, and Reid's first date ever

Matthew Gray Gubler in character as "Reid" on "Criminal Minds"

Tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds” will be the fourth episode of the series directed by Mathew Gray Gublier (Reid), who says himself, that if it weren’t for his work on the first three, this episode may not have ever been made! Gubler recently opened up about his experience directing on “Criminal Minds” as well as what is in store for Reid on his first date ever with the mysterious woman on the phone.

"The whole impetus behind this is story very bizarre and when the network heard that I was directing this one and they knew that the last one I did was slightly strange and worked, they gave us the go-ahead," Gubler says. "They were like, 'We trust your writing. We trust Matthew's directing and we're going to let you do this crazy thing. Good luck.' That was the sign-off. I felt I had a little favorable treatment since the last ones I've done have been odd but effective. I've paid my dues!"

The odd-ball episode and directing style do not come as a surprise, as Gubler’s on screen character is just as quirky and odd. Tonight’s episode will find the BAU tracking down an un-sub whose calling card is turning his victims into human marionettes. Gubler is hoping that the episode will leave an impression on viewer’s minds and take them back to a more primal fear instead of the fear initiated by blood and gore.  “The un-sub may or may not have a type of Peter Pan syndrome. I wanted it to have an eerily childlike quality. I think the things that scared you as a kid are always the most effective things that will ever scare because they make a lasting impression on you."

Gubler says that he finds directing to be an extremely creative outlet, and it is about “Creating a world more so than anything.” He continues to say that tonight’s episode will be unlike anything you have seen yet on “Criminal Minds”. Sounds creepy!

Reid on the phone with his mystery girlfriend

The second order of business is to talk about Reid’s developing relationship with the mysterious woman on the telephone. In the latest episodes, we have seen a slow build up in the tension and excitement surrounding this woman and their secretive phone calls, and Gubler says that tonight’s episode will culminate with us finally getting to see his girlfriend’s face. The episode will be very Reid-centric, which made things a little difficult for Gubler when it came to directing. "There's definitely a lot of me. I think it went well. It made me be very focused because it's hard. Directing, for me, is 100 percent from my brain. I have great confidence in myself as a director from my head, but acting, to me, is from my heart. It's coming from emotion instead of rationale, so it is and it isn't hard to do both simultaneously."

The decision not to reveal Reid’s girlfriends face until now was based partly on the fact that the woman is in hiding, and partly on the concept that the less we see as viewers, the more it builds the suspense. This woman, who is running from a stalker who has been after her for a year, may be the perfect match for Reid, if only the BAU could jump in and save her from her crazed follower.

"She's also a bit of a weirdo, as anyone Reid would fall in love with would be, obviously." Said Gubler, and so we should expect their first date to be just as strange and uncomfortable. "You might see a little bit of a date this episode. But he's never been on a date, so he's very trepidatious. He likes her mind so he doesn't necessarily want to meet her. He's very nervous to meet her. He may or may not shoot himself in the foot with his own neuroses."

Tune in tonight at 8/9C on CBS to see Gubler’s 4th directing debut on “Criminal Minds” and the reveal of his mysterious female friend!

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Dec 5th, 2012, 5:28 am


Message Posted On Dec 10th, 2012, 9:02 pm
Great article! The three previous episodes that Gubler has directed have been terrific, which is no surprise considering his talents. Wednesday’s episode was definitely unique and I must say, the best I’ve seen, yet of his directing abilities. I’m betting his time behind the camera will only strengthen his ability to portray the eccentric Dr. Reid. I missed Wednesday’s episode, since I work nights at DISH, but my DISH Hopper prevents me from missing a single episode. It’s set to auto-record the shows from the big four prime time networks using Primetime Anytime, so I can catch up on any shows I’ve missed. I’m always excited for a new episode, but I have a feeling the rest of the season will lead to an awesome finale.
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