Roger Ailes bans Fox News mainstays


Before the recent presidential election victory by sitting president Barack Obama, Dick Morris appeared on Fox News programing often predicting that Mitt Romney would win the presidency by a comfortable margin. During election night, Karl Rove fought against Fox News calling the election for Obama, even when the rest of Fox News had already called it. Rove said that Ohio was still up for grabs - even though Obama ended up winning it by 2%

Both men's actions are going to cost them, as Roger Ailes has banned both men from appearing on Fox News programing unless the producers get special permission from programming chief Bill Shine prior to their appearing.

Both men have appeared on Fox News since the election, with Morris even writing a column for their website saying that “I’ve got egg on my face." 

While there is a decent chance that both men will appear again on Fox News, it certainly will not be at the level it was.

“According to multiple Fox sources,” said Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine, “Ailes has a directive to his staff: He wants the faces associated with the election off the air – for now. For Karl Rove and Dick Morris – a pair of pundits perhaps most closely aligned with Fox’s anti-Obama campaign – Ailes’ orders mean new rules. Ailes’ deputy, Fox News programming chief Bill Shine, has sent out orders mandating that producers must get permission before booking Rove or Morris.”

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Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 5th, 2012, 6:26 am


Message Posted On Dec 5th, 2012, 7:24 am
Embarrassed into fair-and-balance (for real, not doublespeak-wise), albeit ever slightly and belatedly. Who would have thunk that FOX News actually cared about its image (that is, how it is perceived to anyone not an Americnofasict -not/sorry, in politically correct language: neoconservatives); either that, or Rupert is gonna have Roger fired, and quickly. Time will reveal!
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