'Arrow' star on Huntress coming between Diggle and Oliver

Last week's introduction of Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress brought not only one of the best episodes of the freshman series, but also a serious love interest for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). David Ramsey, who plays co-vigilante/bodyguard John Diggle, spoke with Zap2It on the romance and how it could drive a rift between the two compatriots this week.

Diggle & Queen

While Diggle will not meet Helena face to face, her arrival makes an impact on the concerned bodyguard. "There's no interacting, but there's going to be some... I'm very interested in what the Huntress, what her presence means. There's going to be some difficulties, some problems," Ramsey hints. "He has some very strong opinions about Helena. You already saw some of that, in this past episode, about what he thinks about what she's doing. But in the next episode, you're really going to see her presence cause a problem between Oliver and Diggle."

"And again, how Diggle sees justice being distributed in Starling City, as opposed to how Oliver sees it," he continues. "They're going to continue to go head-to-head with this. There's gonna be a major problem between Oliver and Diggle in terms of her presence."

The actor notes the important influence his character has had on Queen's quest for vengeance, bringing a new perspective on justice to the vigilante that perhaps The Huntress has not gained herself. "[Oliver's] already grown. And I think a big part of that is because of his relationship with Diggle. He already has grown to see that what Helena is distributing in Starling City is not justice -- it's vengeance," Ramsay said. "And he's already grown enough to see that that's the thing he's struggling with is that if he recognizes that in Helena, does he recognize it in himself? And maybe that's not where he was when he first met Diggle."

Don't miss David Ramsey on a new episode of "Arrow" tonight on The CW! And don't forget to join the discussion on the episode in my upcoming review shortly thereafter!

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Dec 5th, 2012, 3:25 pm

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