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Unlike its American counterpart, the German version of 'The Office' lasted only five seasons before leaving television this past January. 'Stromberg,' as it was called, ran for 46 episodes (compared to only 13 for the original BBC version with Ricky Gervais).  But now 'Stromberg' will do something that bost of its better known siblings never pulled off: the big screen.

Money has rolled in for the film version of 'Stromberg,' with $1.3 million (€1.02 million) in state film subsidies being picked up by the production, which intends to begin filming sometime in 2013. The funding comes from Filmstiftung NRW and the German Federal Film Board and nearly matches what was raised by series producers Brainpool in an online crowd-funding effort to get the long-stalled project moving.  They raised $1.3 million (€1 million) during the fund raising.

The series creator and head writer, Ralf Husmann, has talked about bringing the series to the big screen for years but never had the funds to make it happen. 

It seems increasingly more popular for series that end before their time (or even those that extend their welcome) to continue on to the big screen for one final hurrah. ‘Sex and the City’ pulled it off twice, with diminishing returns the second time around. There is talk that ‘Entourage’ will be heading to the big screen as well.

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Dec 6th, 2012, 6:35 am



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The show was never cancelled. There have been plans for a movie for years, but it was never understood as an "After the series ended"-movie.


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