Review: Arrow - 1.08 - "Vendetta"

The Huntress' two-episode arc heads for a somewhat disappointing wrap-up this week. We pick up approximately five minutes from where we left off last week (at least according to my performance record), as Helena rolls out of bed and attempts to take out the leader of the Triad. Her hope is that a retaliation by the Chinese against her father's organization will wipe at least the latter out. The justice versus vengeance argument is a little on the hammy side, though at least it plays on the resonant theme that's been bubbling beneath the surface since the series began.


Diggle clashes with Oliver over his interest in Helena, pegging her as a stone cold killer with no hope for anything but a tragic ending in store. Oliver sees her situation as parallel to his own experience in Purgatory: isolated, going through a mental hell and lashing out in anger instead of finding a way to better herself. The bond the two forge seems like it would have been better served for a longer story arc, and it's especially puzzling that what sends Helena over the edge is ex-girlfriend issues courtesy of a dinner with Laurel and Tommy.

The wedge of melodrama that's driven between the two is underwhelming, to say the least, especially given that Arrow and Huntress seem so inextricably linked in both background and outlook. It's equally puzzling that Oliver takes the logical leap from a relationship squabble to "I can't save her from her fractured moral outlook after all." Indeed, the mob war gets thrown into full swing, with an assault on the Bertinelli mansion the biggest highlight of the episode in terms of excitement and action.

Elsewhere, Moira and Walter try to reconnect after her dishonesty sent him packing. This is complicated by Kimberly Smoak's further poking around into Tempest LLC, Moira's shadow company that was behind the diversion of funds from Queen Consolidated. While he initially balks at Smoak's prying into his wife's business, it once again gives Walter the itch to look into things further himself, leading him to finding an identical brown notebook that Oliver received from his father.

Things fare better in the development of Tommy and Laurel's relationship. Merlyn is still gaining his poor person footing, struggling to reconcile his old lavish lifestyle devoid of responsibility with his zero sum bankroll. It's a humbling experience having to ask for help, especially when that help is set to come from your girlfriend's wealthy ex, but it seems to only strengthen the new couple's bond.

This was a bit of a disappointing follow-up after last week's strong showing. It seemed like The Huntress story arc would have been better played out over a longer arc, although the conclusion at least leaves the door open for future appearances.

Final Grade C+

- Jessica De Gouw
- Stephen Amell
- Arrow
- CW

Written by: kyleiam
Dec 6th, 2012, 5:04 pm

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