The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Opens Up About Shawntel Newton's Return

Bachelor BenThe Bachelor is not short of surprises during its 16th season. This week producers brought Shawntel Newton to the house to upset the girls. Claws appeared as the girls questioned why she returned to the show trying to win over their man. Even the least likely girls were jealous and upset with her presence.

Host Chris Harrison told TV Guide that the reaction of the women in the house vying for Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s attention was “horrible” and “mean.” He added that “It was like a bad high school bullying session where they ganged up on her.” It’s true. The girls were not afraid to call out her bad intentions to her face and demand that she leave. They weren’t even quiet about leaving the show if Flajnik handed her a rose at the rose ceremony. “She was prepared for that, but she wasn't prepared to be attacked the way she was,” Harrison added. Could anyone really be ready for the backlash of 15 women?

Does Harrison think that Ben would have kept Shawntel if the other women reacted badly? Possibly. “I think he was on the fence. There was a chance he would've kept her if not for the long haul, at least for the next week,” he said. “But once he saw the reaction from the girls, and the meltdown going on, that had a lot to do with it. Ben was smart and the chance of maybe hitting it off with Shawntel is not worth losing the entire house. It would've been a disaster [to keep her] and it went a long way in changing the entire season. Although the women's reactions were mean, childish and a bit immature, the point was taken of what they were really feeling.”

Next week Bachelor Ben and the 13 remaining ladies head to Park City, Utah for some romantic time in the mountains. Who do you think should go next?

- The Bachelor

Written by: mawarner
Jan 19th, 2012, 10:33 pm

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