Review: The League - 4.09 - "Bro lo El Cordero"

Our second dose of "The League" just happens to be one of the best of the season, despite not having Nadine Velazquez bare ass.

The League

Kevin gets a colonoscopy from his doctor (Pete... no, not that Pete) and his nurse (Jenny... nope, not that Jenny). Let the Ruxin 'Pete/Kevin gay sex' jokes commence, right? Well, somewhat. Instead, the story dovetails nicely into Andre allegedly trade-raping a drugged up Kevin post-procedure. League commissioner Ruxin pays a visit to the pair to make sure the trade is on the up and up, and we get about two solid minutes of toilet/fart humor. FUNNY toilet humor, it should be noted, but toilet humor nonetheless.

The gang is unhappy with Ruxin's commissioner ruling, instead seeking the counsel of El Cunado himself, Rafi, who goes on to have an exchange with his apartment super that has to rank among the best of the series, period. Rafi's final ruling is to drug Andre and Kevin, then have them settle their dispute LUCHA STYLE! Of course it is.

Pete gets saddled with a relatively flat side story, in which his grandpa Duke (Robert Wagner) is put in a home. Relatives tell him its due to dementia, though his mental faculties seem quite sharp when Pete pays him a visit, leading him to suspect that his "gumpa" checked into the old folks home just to score with the lonely old ladies.

The big winner this week is Rafi. Every episode he appears in there's another highlight, whether it's his heroin addiction/low blood sugar this week or his "war boner" from several episodes back. Jason Mantzoukas is a comedic gem, and it's great to see "The League return to its former absurdist glory.

Final Grade: A

- The League
- Jason Mantzoukas
- Paul Scheer
- Nick Kroll
- FX

Written by: kyleiam
Dec 7th, 2012, 8:10 pm

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