Review: Misfits - 4.07 - "Episode Seven"

With killer rabbit golfers in our rear view, the latest episode of E4's "Misfits" rounds out one of the season's longest running plot lines while opening up a brand new one or two. 


The common theme this week relates to the things that are a part of us, the things that make us complete. The new mystery girl Abby, who we met passed out at the party in last week's episode, is... passed out in the community center locker room. Evidently, instead of bestowing a strange power on her, the storm stole Abby's memory, and since that day she has seemingly stumbled about in a drunken haze. Playing along at the community center doesn't do her any favors, however, as the lamaze class leads to one of the fretful mothers-to-be transferring her unwanted pregnancy to the amnesiac. But, with so much of her identity stripped away, Abby is hesitant to give the baby and the sense of purpose it gives her back. I know it will take time for a new character to settle into the series, but Natasha O'Keeffe plays Abby as such a blank emotionless slate that it's tough to even feel like she's a legitimate part of the cast and not, say, the equivalent of a red shirt from "Star Trek."

Alex, meanwhile, is on a quest. A quest to get his dong back, by any means necessary. After his dirty secret is leaked to the rest of the ASBO crew, the eunuch barman has a head full of booze and rage as he chases down the latest lead. This storyline is peculiar subject matter, but the overall foundation of the story -- feeling like a freak -- is a relatable one, and the conclusion to Matt Stokoe's storyline is fairly well done. Stokoe himself gives a standout performance, evoking the brooding, obsessive frustration that would no doubt take over when a person literally has a piece of them taken away.

In our build to next week, Rudy is once again visited by his love connection Nadine, whom we also met in fleeting fashion last week. Again, after a moment of Rudy showing a genuine emotional connection, she flees the scene in a hurry. This time, the crew gives chase, tracking her to... a convent? Tough break, Rudy. Joseph Gilgun once more shows why he's the MVP of this latest "Misfits" season, jumping between genuine pathos and silly absurdity with ease. 

A solid rebound this week after last episode's underwhelming affair, but the series still seems like it's missing something. Perhaps the new characters need another season before we can fully latch on to their adventures.

Final Grade: B



- Misfits
- Natasha O'Keeffe
- Joseph Gilgun
- Nathan McMullen
- Karla Crome
- E4

Written by: kyleiam
Dec 9th, 2012, 7:59 pm

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