'Dexter' breaks Showtime record


Dexter Morgan's life is falling apart. His sister has arrested his murderous girlfriend, the police captain has figured out that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher and his son Harrison - well, we barely ever see Harrison. Dexter's life may be falling apart, Showtime is loving it. Sadistic jerks.

With one episode left before 'Dexter' reaches the season finale of its pentultimate season, the veteran drama has drawn its highest rating yet, as well as the highest rating Showtime has ever drawn for an original series. This week's episode drew in 2.6 million viewers. The rating also reverses last week's upset, as 'Homeland' outdrew 'Dexter' for the first time. 

The previous 'Dexter' high was 2.57 million viewers, which was achieved with the season four finale. 

'Dexter' is averaging 6.1 million viewers weekly across all its platforms.

'Homeland' drew 2.36 million viewers, an eight percent increase from the previous week. 'Homeland' averages 5.8 million viewers weekly among all platforms. 

Both series conclude their seasons this Sunday night.

I am really far behind on this season of 'Homeland,' but 'Dexter has been fantastic the last two weeks - a very nice surprise after the majority of this seasons has been a train wreck. 'Homeland' sounds like it has made some...odd choices this season. What have you thought of the series this year?


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Written by: Hamatosan
Dec 11th, 2012, 2:00 pm

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